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Chennai Egmore – Journey 15

Jegan and Mona were disappointed because of Jegan's stinct in another location got extended. Mona was too worried than Jegan. Jegan tried his best to console Mona. To make Jegan happier Mona told she was ok. Jegan asked her to be practical and told all the things happening now is good for their future. Mona said she was fine only. Both agreed on 'a kind' of mutual terms. They meet on weekends regularly. Both are eagerly waiting for friday and from friday evening till sunday evening they spend most of the time together by going to movies, restaurant and long ride in bike. Both hate Mondays.*(Normally we software engg. hate mondays but they hate mondays for some other reasons)*

For couple of weeks everything went in this fashion. From Jegan's end the work is getting hectic as his project Go Live date is nearing. Mona being a Software Engineer, she easily understands this, their daily phone calls is reduced to minutes from hours and sometime Nil. Because of work condition, they are not even able to meet on sundays too. But Mona and Jegan being the good lovers, they understand their professionalism and they were happy. They are not the same lovers as they were few months ago but their love is still the same.

On a good day Mona father called Mona and make it bad for her. He called Mona. The call started as it was a normal day, and then her father told he is going to look for alliance. Mona in hard tone replied, 'Why are you looking for alliance soon? i m just 22. We can wait for another year'.

Mona father replied, 'Even If we start now, this will take at least an year to get fix. I already showed u the photo of my friend's son working in US a month ago. U didn’t say anything about him'

Mona, 'Sorry pa I don’t remember him. Plz pa we can talk about this later'.

Mona father, 'Why ma? What is the reason?'.

Mona didn’t reply. Mona knows she can’t blame her father for this. Since he is a good father, he wants her daughter to get married soon. But she don’t have the courage to tell the truth to his father. Mona's father waited for few seconds, since there was no reply from Mona, he gave the phone to her mother and asked her to convince Mona.

Mona Mother, 'Ende enna solra. Enna reason. R u loving some one. Amma kitta sollu'.

Mona, 'No ma. Nothing like tat. But we can discuss about the marriage later'.

Mona Mother, 'See ur our only daughter. We want to see u getting Married soon. U r already 22'.

Mona, 'Maa I m only 22. I didn’t say I don’t want marriage, I m saying I don’t want it now. Purinchukoo ma'.

Mona's Mother paused for few seconds and said, 'Hmmm.. When r coming home? We discuss about it that time'.

Mona, 'I ll come in 2 weeks. Promise me u don’t talk about this when I am coming home. Otherwi

se I will not come'.

Mona's mother, 'Seri nee first vaa. We see that later. '.

Mona about to say and cut the call, Mona's father came to the call and asked, 'Hey Mona. What is the name of the guy who helped us when we were there?'.

Mona was shocked and thinking why his father asked about him, that too during this conversation. She asked, 'Y pa? He is Jegan'.

Mona father,'No Jus asked. Can I get his Mobile no. ?'.

Mona was hesitant in giving so she replied, 'Sorry again pa. I know why you want his no. I will not give it.'.

Mona's father, 'No ma. I jus asked. Anyway it’s ok. Come home soon.'.

Both ended the call. She feels little hardness on her father voice.

Immediately after the call ends she called Jegan. But he didn’t attend the call. She called him again. Jegan didn’t attend. Jegan had a callertune, a beautiful romantic song , music by Jayaraj from a tamil film Dhaam Dhoom. Jegan kept it since.Mona liked the song very much. Mona always likes the song whenever she called Jegan. But not this time, for the first time she got irritated hearing the song. Mona called Jegan continuously. After 4 failure attempts, on the fifth attempt Jegan attended the call.

Jegan answered, 'Yes honey tell me'.

Mona angrily replied,' What the hell are u doing. why r u not picking the call'.

Jegan understood, Mona is so much anger. He replied, 'Hey I am driving. So I didn’t notice.'

Mona,'Heeeee. Ok let me come to subject. My father called me and spoke about my marriage. It seems, he even decided about the guy. I am really tensed. I don’t know what to do. I want to see you. Where r u? . Plz don’t say u r busy'.

Jegan feels the tension in Mona's voice. He replied calmly, 'Nalla vishayam thaana.. Hey Mona calm down and relax. I am near to your hostel only. I will be there in another 10-15 mins. Don’t worry. எவேர்ய்திங் will be fine. I am there for u. don’t worry'.

Jegan started the bike and went quickly to her hostel. He saw Mona already waiting for him near the entrance. She was still looking beautiful even though she is tensed.

Both left the place immediately. Jegan took her to some lonely place. Mona started telling the conversation between her and her father and literally she started crying. Jegan put her arms around Mona's shoulder and asked her to calm down. Mona didn’t.

Jegan said, 'Love makes man/women a brave. You are the best example for this. Have u ever talked like this to your father previously. Now you talked to your father bravely but you are crying here. You changed a lot for a love. Just think what made u to talk like this to ur father.'.

Jegan speaking confidently, Mona keenly listen to him.

Jegan continued, 'Its simple Mona, u believe in love and more importantly u believe me. That’s why u talked bravely. I am here for u da. Don’t worry and don’t cry again. Not good to see a beautiful girl crying. *(saying this he whipped out the tears from mona)* I was expecting this anytime from your father. He is a good father na.

Mona just understand, every lovers have gone through this. Some succeeded, some failed. I assure ours will be a huge success. I got a gut feeling about our love. So don’t worry. you are mine. you are special Mona. I won’t let anyone to take my angel from me. ok? '.

Mona feels really proud she got a lover like Jegan and replied, 'I am so lucky to have you. I love you madly…..’

Jegan wants to end this humorsly, 'you called me Maddy. Am I looking like him??'

Mona smiled at last and replied, 'Aiyoda I said madly, not Maddy. But u r my maddy'.

Jegan,'Aah nice Mona'.

Mona said, 'U know my father asked about you and asked your mobile no'.

Jegan excitedly replied, 'Ooh is it.. Nallathu thaana.. You give him my no.?'.

Mona said, 'No'.

Jegan, 'Ooh ho. If u give it to him. It will be easier for me'.

Mona, 'Noo. He thinks we are just friends only, so he might have wanted to talk you regarding my marriage'.

Jegan replied, 'Hmmm. Now I have to kill the friendship for the love ah.'.

Mona smiled and said, 'Hmmm'. Then both talked for few minutes there and decided to leave.

Jegan dropped Mona at her place. Mona asked Jegan, 'Shall I go to my home?'.

Jegan replied,'Hey what. First time you are asking my permission to go to your home'.

Mona smiled and said, 'You said. I am yours nu.. So I am asking u'.

Jegan, 'Oh parra. Athu ipo thaan theriyutha'.

Mona replied,'Cha not like that. you are with me here, so I feel extremely confident that no one will take me away from u'.

Jegan, 'Seri apram'. :)

Mona, 'Hey I am talking seriously. If I go there I don’t know what will happen. If something really bad happen there, I will surely die'.

Jegan, 'hey comme mam.. Our love is jus few months old. But ur parents love is much older than us. So they will understand u. Jus tell them u will get married after a year. I am sure they will accept it. If anything happens just call me. I will come there in a second. ok. I love you mam'

Mona shook her head, 'Hmmm sure. This is the first time you are saying 'I love u' after the first time….'

Jegan smiled and said, 'Wow. That’s my Mona. Girls are always girls. gr8…..'

Both left happily. Mona was happy to hear positive, responsible words from Jegan and he never got stumbled on any occasion. She feels so secure now. Jegan was so proud that Mona even dares to die for the love. Is it the beauty of love???

Now its weekend, Mona is ready to go home with millions of questions. She is afraid of her father. But she knows Jegan was in her side. She don’t know what surprise awaits her in her home town.

Let wait for the next episode to know the surprise......

Journey continues…………

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