Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life is beautiful, Enjoy as it comes....

This post is written by one of my friend and he wanted me to post it. Here we go……..................

I am damn sure it's not the first time u r going to read this type of blog...

Its happened and happening in my life. These things I m going to mention is not only about me; these include the things I observed from my friends also. It’s about the guys working away from their native place and earning good money.

There were days when I go to shops to buy dress, my eyes will always catch the branded shirts but their whooping prices made me choose the other shirts. Similarly I love to wear the sports shoe (even at a small age I think of Michael Jordan's) but cant. Those are the few of many little things I dream about in the past. But now those things are changed.Now I am working and earning myself and I can spend of my pocket. That’s the simple reason.

Now I am having costliest branded shirts, Reebok shoes, Ipod, N-series phones and also having a laptop. Even I have options like formal wears, casual wears that I wear in particular days of the weeks. I am able to buy the things I liked most. In this case I feel happy. But I just got the feel being an Indian, what I m spending is just too much. Few days my friend and me were went to a shop to have a Pepsi. The shop also has fresh fruit juices. I told my friend that we could go for fresh fruit juice instead of spending money in US branded Pepsi. Then he asked me what I m wearing. On that day from socks, shoes to shirts and pants I m wearing a non-Indian brand. Now I know, I m also one of the reason for less Indian economy.

Even now I have eyes on a new nokia mobile, which is yet to released in world. Now we consider food, I have tried lot variety's like Chinese, Mexican, Italians...Even I eat foods without knowing their names. But I missed good tasty sambhar my mother used to prepare for me most times since I liked it most. During my school and college days (those are the times I stayed with my parents), my mom prepares lot of different food varieties, which has many vegetables, healthy ingredients. Now I lost the taste of many vegetables, fitness wise also I m lacking. In my working place, I can get all those things but I have to bear with the cost and taste. If I went to small hotels considering cost constraint, I can eat there for few days but my body will get bad soon. Even I still remember the days that I complaint about the food I have, to my close friend in office daily.

Now I m switching my attention to relationship.

Am I good son to my parents?

Am I good brother to my sister/brother?

Am I good friend to my friends?

Thanks to cell phones and other mode of communications. I can still live it up to those tags. But even here, I can’t be with them physically all the time. Sometimes I can’t be with my family/friends during the birthdays, wedding days (not mine ;) I am single) if it falls on weekdays. For going to my native, I have to plan 3 months in advance to book a train ticket. I can see. Few of my friends never go to their home for months. I feel lucky i m having good friends in office and in my room. But again, we have to ask our availability and plan to have a talk. In my case, I am happy that I have couple of friends in my office/room whom i can turn to anytime.

These days are good but cannot be compared to my college days, where I enjoyed most with my friends. I don’t miss any functions in my family, I bunk classes to go to my native. I bunk classes to go for a movie and to even sleep as well. But now a days I working for more than 12 hours and cant think of a leave.

In college days, I spend many hours in looking at girls (Sight adipenu solla varen). Now just imagine, my office is now surrounded by two women colleges but now I hardly find a time to look at girls. :)

Finally, to conclude I am working and earning well. I got few great things and missed many valuable things still I am happy... I have projected only small things. But I have seen few of my friends big and they hate to work. I don’t know how much I earned but I know I lost many. I think its about how u mentally prepared for those situations. It could be tough but with having good family and friends we can get thru any difficult situations. That is life. Life is beautiful, Enjoy as it comes……..

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chennai Egmore – Journey 14

Busy busy busy……… and not feeling well are the reason why I was delayed to write this journey.

Mona, Jegan and Love were gone fine until the day Jegan was asked to move to another location. Even though his manager told him it is only for a short period, Jegan was not interested in going. Jegan told Mona that he is not going there. The reason is not he didn’t like the work, he likes Mona more than anything now. Jegan knows Mona was scared about their parents and she always had the doubt in her mind whether their love will end in success. Jegan thinks this small gap may put pressure on Mona’s stupid mind. Only bcoz of Jegan was near to him, she feels confident.
That evening Mona and Jegan’s friends were convincing Jegan. Aruna told, ‘Hey.. we know y u r not going. But it is for few weeks only na. Also it is good for ur career growth rite. Then go’

Jegan was keeping silence. Ganesh comes and asks him, ‘Y da? Enna vittu pirinchu iruka mudiyatha da’.

Ganesh expecting smiles from everyone but he alone smiling, he later got the sense and stopped his mokkai.

Aruna asked Mona, ‘Mona, do u ve any problem in Jegan going to other location?’.

Mona shakes her head and said, ‘No. It is good for him only na. I m telling from morning he is not listening to me’.

Ganesh mean time thinking, ‘He is going to be in the same office that to in Chennai only. Y they r giving buildup as he is going to onsite’. But he knows if he asks the question, those 2 girls will kick him. So he prefers to be silent and watch the show.

Jegan finally opened and said, ‘I m jus thinking from Mona’s side, I know how she ll feel. This is the first time we are going to be separated. Also I m not sure how long I ll be in that location. Also I doubt we can talk, share as we do here. So only I am thinking’.

Aruna, ‘Mona should be fine for this. Anyhow in future also this type of situation will come. What Mona he is saying you are the reason’.

Mona replied little bit confident, ‘No problem for me. At first it will be difficult but as Aruna said I should get used to it’.

Aruna said, ‘By the way, Naanga unnoda aala nalla pathukirom. Enna Solra’.

Jegan thinks for some time and said, ‘I don’t want to go but since she, U and Ganesh are insisting I am going’.

Ganesh, ‘Naan thaan onnumey sollaye’.

Aruna smiled and said, ‘Jegan cheer up. She lived without you for 21 years, Y cant she live without you for one month’.

Mona said, ‘I can’. Jegan replied, ‘hmmm… Let’s see’.

Ganesh asked Aruna, ‘Aruna wats this? Neeyum mokka poda arambitchuta’.

As usual a conversation between good friends ended happily.

Next day morning Jegan come to office early, Both Jegan and Mona had their breakfast and had a long chat. Every now and then Jegan asking Mona whether she is ok with it. Every time Mona replying back yes. Jegan's manager asked him to report to the new location by afternoon. Jegan too agreed and he decided to have lunch with his friends and Mona before leaving.

Now lunch time, Mona and Jegan came to cafeteria well before Ganesh and Aruna. Both went inside the cafeteria and got their favorite seat where they used to have lunch daily (It is indeed a same seat where Jegan proposed love to Mona). Soon Ganesh and Aruna joined them. Both tries to make this normal. Jegan seems confident and make fun as usual; In fact he wants to hide his emotions. But instead Mona eyes shows everything, She had an occasional smile on her face. She looks tensioned. As their plates gets empty not Mona's one. Her mind is not here...

All finished their lunch, its time for Jegan to leave. Jegan said, 'Ok guys, here it is. I am going now. Let’s hope I could come and join in a month’s time. Mona take care. Bye'.

Mona said, 'Yea u take care. I will be fine here... bye'.

Ganesh and Aruna, 'bye'.

Ganesh, 'Hey Jegan antha officela lot of figures irukumnu sonnanga.. Enjoi pannuda. Ennakum ethavathu paaru'.

Mona, 'Aaaaiiii'.

Jegan, 'Haha ok guys see u then. We can meet in weekends. bye'.

Jegan started his bike and going slowly out of the office. Mona feels as she was really alone. Aruna put her arm around Mona's shoulder and asked, 'R u ok? Lets go'.

Mona shaked her head and said, 'Yeah'.

Aruna before leaving said to Mona, 'Hey call me before going for break or we will call u. ok?'.

Mona said, 'Hmmm ok'.

Mona went to her seat, feeling as she is missing something and she is not able to concentrate on her work. And even she planned to leave early. Mona's bus mate saw Mona in dull mood. So she asked, 'Hey Mona... R u ok? U r looking dull'.

Mona said, 'No I m ok. Lite ah thala vazikuthu. thats it'.

Her bus mate, 'Don’t lie madam. Tell me what happened?'.

Mona felt little relaxed and told what happened.

Her bus mate told, 'He he R u kidding? Is this is the reason u r dull.. Crazy love.. It ll be like this for few days. Don’t feel lonely. Actually this small gap will increase ur love madam. Enjoy this. So just fresh up. Do ur work'.

Mona, 'Hmmm. thanks'.

Jegan reached the new office and met the Project manager there. His PM introduced Jegan to the team. Things went as expected for him, he introduced himself to the team and they were telling their expectations on him. Jegan was little worried that he might be asked to work late hours. But it’s a software engineer’s fate. That too if u r bachelor it will be worse.

Mona called Jegan in the evening but as it was Jegan's first day he talked to her few minutes and hung up.

As the days come closer. Mona and Jegan were talking for long time in phone.

These days mobile become their big mode of communication. Mona calling Jegan regularly and asking him whether he had breakfast, lunch and kinda... Jegan replying to her questions very patently..

The thing to note is love between them is in the same place but now care is over taking the love.

The days were moving smooth and fast. Mona was counting the days and getting confident as days were nearing. Both met in the weekends and they started to love more.

Ganesh and Aruna also felt that Mona's words getting confident. Jegan is also happy hearing this. Mona is not talking anything rubbish in those days.

It’s a celebration time in Mona's office, everyone come to office in the traditional wears, Mona missed Jegan that she came to office in a dress given by Jegan. That day Mona, Aruna were chatting in the cafeteria. Aruna asked about Mona's dress. Then she planned to tease Jegan. So she called Jegan and said, 'Hello Jegan Wat r u dng?'

Jegan replied, 'hmmm Working'.

Aruna, 'Ok I will come to matter straight.. U know Mona come in the dress u given her'.

Jegan, 'Oh really... I missed tat'.

Mona got the phone from Aruna and told, 'U know Aruna also come in saree .. She looks pretty'.

Jegan replied, 'Oooh nalla vela I missed tat'.

Mona was laughing hearing this and told Aruna the same. Aruna then, 'Dai I called to tease u, u r teasing me ah... Idiot'.

All were laughing and Aruna said, 'We don’t miss u Jegan. Am I rite?'

Mona replied, 'hmmm.. No.. ‘and she smiled.

Their days going like this. Its the 20th day of Jegan moved from office. On that day Jegan called Mona and told, 'I m sorry Mona. My stay here is going to extend.’

Mona was shocked and angry on Jegan. Jegan tried many things to console her...

But Mona was disappointed.. Even Jegan was....

Journey continues………….