Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chennai Egmore – Journey 13

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Okie.. Journey continues........

Jegan and Mona feels everything new, they were never happy in their life as they were today. As seen in many movies, they were started to smile when no one is around, hearing only romantic songs, giving tips to their friends love, and feel very confident.

Jegan decided to gift Mona. So he asked his best friends Aruna and Ganesh. Both said 'See, she is ur lover, u ve decide wat to give'. But both don’t no know wat to say, so both gave this smart answer. Jegan thinks hard, even google’s it ;-). Jegan wants to gift her something spl. But he didn’t find anything He thinks hard and comes with an idea. He went to one of the famous shop in chennai, and bought her a good-looking Salwar Kameez with few colors. Next day he decided to gift that to her.

Jegan and Mona meet in the cafeteria the next day. Jegan decided not to gift her inside office, so he told Mona that he would drop Mona to her place. She is also ok with that. Both were exchanging their looks for long time and had talks. Mona was so happy and in mean time she is afraid of her parents and all. Jegan gave her some confidence. But both agreed on the terms, only with their parent’s approval their marriage should happen.

Jegan told 'no problems from my side and only problem is with your side. But that too u are saying. I talked to your father for couple of days, avar apdi irukira mathir theriyala. But lets stay positive. Everything will be fine'.

Mona, 'Me too expecting the same, but u don’t know about my father fully'.

Jegan stopped her and said, 'Hey jus now we started to love. Speak something romantic na.... :) '.

Mona said, 'Hmmm.. (hiding her worry and continuing) I love u'.

Jegan loved this and both continue blabbering. Both forgot this is office and continued talking. Suddenly Jegan phone rang, Ganesh only called and he asked him to come to meeting room immediately. Then both knew they are late, both went to the seat immediately. After Jegan meeting is over, they continued their romance in communicator.

Both spent the day in cafeteria (breakfast), communicator, cafeteria (Lunch), communicator, cafeteria (evening coffee time). Till evening, Both Ganesh and Aruna didn’t disturb them. In evening they met them and Aruna asked, 'Enna cafeteriala orey duet pola'.

Jegan said, 'Heyyyyy Aruna wats this'. All smiled.

Ganesh asked Mona, 'Enna Kanne, Maniye, Maanenu sonnana ?? '. Again all smiled but this time Mona smiled with little shy.

Jegan said, 'I think its high time for us to leave. If I stay here for another min, u guys will tease us like anything, so we r going. Common Mona say bye to them and come. We will go'.

Aruna said, 'Dai... wer r u running? Mona u too.. when is the treat for us?'.

Jegan said, 'Hmmm.. This Sunday. I will tell the plan ok'.

Ganesh now in Gowandamani style, 'Ohho.. Saturday anga, sunday .. sunday naan delhi la iruken... ungalukuaga venumna naan ennoda delhi plana cancel pannitu varen'.

Mona, 'Epdi ipdilam'.

Everyone laughed at this, eventhough it is an old joke. But the situation and all made it happy.

Jegan and Mona said bye and started going thru bike. On the way they stopped at Cafe day, had some drinks and went. Jegan just stopped near the Mona's Place and said bye to her. Mona in reply said bye to him. Both didn’t want to leave, they again said bye.

Jegan called Mona to gift her.

Jegan, 'Hey Mona this one is for u. Hope u will like it'.

Mona opened the bag with lot of expectation; she saw one greeting card and a salwar kameez. She was really surprised and felt happy and said thanks. Jegan said, 'I was expecting something. Jus thanks mattum thaana'.

Mona said, 'Thats it for now. Bye'.

Jegan again stopped her and said, 'I want to show u one more thing. Hope u will take it'.

Jegan opened his purse and shown her a print out of a train ticket and asked her, 'U know wat is this?'.

Mona said, 'Train ticket'.

Jegan with little anger, 'Brilliant'.

Mona smiled and asked him, 'What’s special in this?'.

Jegan told, 'Bcoz of this ticket only, I met u in train and got a chance to talk to u. This indeed a ticket to my love journey. Hope u like it'.

Mona was now in heaven and she is really stunned by Jegan's love and said, 'Wow, u still have this?'. Jegan just nodded his head and smiled.

Mona said, 'Can I take this?'. Jegan said, 'This is yours from now'.

Mona again said, 'I love u. I can’t wait to marry you'.

Jegan said, 'Yea Me too' and both went to their places. Both now started their romance in mobile.

Now it’s Sunday, TREAT TIME.

Jegan and Mona invited both Ganesh and Aruna for a morning movie in Sathyam theatre. Jegan pickup Mona and both entered cinema hall. Jegan was so happy; it is not new for Jegan to come to sathyam. What’s new is, he is coming with his girl friend. He just remembered the chat he had with his friends in sathyam when they see a couple. So his destiny to come to sathyam cinemas with a girl friend was succeeded. (I hope many single bachelors have this feeling, even I do ;-) )

Ganesh and Aruna also joined them. I think there is no guess in what kind of movie they went. Yes, It is a good romantic Tamil film that is new released. (I know many will think it is VTV, but it is not ;-) )

After the movie, they went for a treat in a near by non-veg hotel. They had best lunch served along with jokes from Jegan and Ganesh, love and friendship in large quantity. They had a fantastic lunch. Ganesh said he would drop on the way. Jegan said we had other plans and said bye.

Aruna, 'Hmmm.. Nadathunga Naduthunga' .

Jegan and Mona next went to City Center in the afternoon spent some time and in the evening they went to Besant Nagar beach and had coffee in Barista and in night they had dinner at the famous 'Murugan Idly shop'. That’s stumps for the day. (One thing to note all this expenditure were given by Jegan only, Girls as usual smart in spending... he he…. )

Days went on. On weekdays both meet in office and weekends too both don’t want to be separated. Both were in pursuit of love. They spent most of the time in cafeteria of their campus. All this day Jegan was 200% enjoying this, but Mona was little worried about her father. She knows Jegan don’t like this, so she hides her emotions from him and pretend to be happy.

One fine day turns into a sad day for both. Jegan was asked to travel in to another location. Jegan said no, but his PM was good enough to convince him and asked him to go there for at least 1 months.

Now there will be a small crack in wall??

What Next????

Journey continues………….