Sunday, March 28, 2010

Everything that lives, lives not alone, not for itself

I think you people would have hared about the book “The monk who sold his ferrari”. I was reading the book. These lines were in the book “Everything that lives, lives not alone, not for itself “. It was told by “William Blake”

I liked it and just thought of sharing it…

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chennai Egmore – Journey 4

About Jegan,

This guy want to enjoy the life, likes to make friends, humorous, cracks jokes of nowhere, never takes things seriously. Sports freak likes to talk about recent happenings in sport. He never believed in love until he met her. No special talents. But found one after he meets her, will tell in later part of the story. His dresses are as a normal guy with formals. He doesn’t show much interest in dressing.

Jegan is from a hindu family. His father is too much towards caste and religion as a normal previous generation father. His mother was his mentor and all he will do anything for her. He has one sister. He loves his family a lot. Never let his family down on any situation. His parents and family hates love marriages.

About Mona,

Lovable person, very caring, Independent, talkative, very possessive. Loves to show her as practical person but she cannot. She is pretty emotional. Takes things very seriously. Her dressing sense is always good. Plays cards (not the boys game). Wakes up late. Prefers south Indian foods, avoids non-veg. she likes guys who understands her feeling and listen to her. She likes dancing too.

Mona is from a Christian family. Her father is pakka Christian. She loves her mother a lot. she has one younger brother. As in every family, she was chellam to her parents. She was not so religious, even she likes going to hindu temples with her friends. Her father is a good caring person; she wants to make her life ‘colorful’. sometimes she looses her religious thoughts. But those are for simple reasons, in case of marriage not sure how she behaves.

Their parent’s standing on love Marriage is quite simple: Mother knows what love is, father knows what life is.

Both family hates love marriage but both are ready to do anything for their child. But don’t know how they react to love marriages. Both father don’t like other religions.

Jegan’s weekend

Saturday Morning , Jegan was energized after seeing Mona’s message. With full enthusiasm, he went to see his friends. Seeing his happiness, Jegan’s friends asked ‘wat happened man? We never seen u like this? Is something fishy about u? Jegan knows he was out of the world; he tried to control his emotions but cant. He over reacted. So he admitted that few things happened in his life, which made him happy. One of his friend immediately asked ‘Who is tat girl da ?’. Jegan was surprised how his friend were able to find the reason, but he said ‘Nothing guys, I am normal only’ with a smile on his face.

Later on that day, Jegan was thinking about Mona. He wants to message and talk to her. He never hesitates to talk and send messages to girls, but this time he was little scared to do. Jegan scared because he is not looking her as normal person also Mona was in her home so he hesitated little whether it could give her any problem. He decided not to message her in the evening. Jegan’s mind said don’t message but his brain said message her. He went by his brain and sent a good night message in the night. His heart beat raised on receiving the delivery report. Jegan was excited, very nervous and millions of questions in his mind - what she thinks, whether she takes it wrongly, whether he crossed the boundary.

He got space to breath after 5 mins, yeah Mona replied back ‘Good night sweet dreams’. That night as you all know, once we get message like this in nite, we will not sleep. Jegan never slept but had a nice sweet dream ;-). He also was thinking that night, how would have Mona felt today, whether she felt as like him or not. After sooo many years Jegan saw the rare sun rise in his life.

Sunday he was busy with his works, talking to parents and his sister. He didn’t have enough time even to think about her.

Mona’s weekend

To say it was quite simple, she was exact opposite to Jegan. Once she went home, just to let Jegan know, she messaged. She enjoyed the whole day with family and her puppy.

But while traveling to her native, i.e. after speaking with Jegan, she thought about him. She thought Jegan was a nice guy. He was very decent in his approach. Till Saturday night she didn’t think about Jegan. Once she received a SMS from him. She just sent a reply message and slept the whole day. On Sunday she was also busy, there were no messages, calls from her. It’s a quite day for both of them but not till that night……………

Journey continues…………

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chennai Egmore – Journey 3

Mona berth is lower near to the entrance of the compartment. Since there was only 15 mins to Jegan’s native, Jegan decided to take his luggage near the entrance. Keeping his luggage down, Jegan sat in the edge of Mona’s berth. But he didn’t want to make her awake. The big horn sound from the train disturbed Mona. In the drowsy state Mona moved her legs and it accidentally hit Jegan (That was a luck for Jegan). Mona woke up and told sorry to Jegan. The immediate word came from Jegan was “No Problem, you carry on”. Mona asked Jegan, “Where are we?” He told Good Morning, the place was near his native and he will reach home in 15 mins. Mona with a astonish smile told “ oh! I slept too long”. During that time a guy selling coffee came and disturbed their speech. Jegan was not happy with that.

Jegan asked Mona, what’s the reason she goes home. She told, “ I am going to see my parent and my little puppy dog” with a beautiful smile on her face and asked back Jegan, the reason for his visit. He replied, “ I am also going for the same reason but not to see dog”. Mona again smiled at Jegan.

Jegan was more curious to ask her mobile number. But Mona overtook him and asked his number. Jegan was very much happy that Mona has also felt the same. He asked her number and gave a missed call to Mona. But that’s the first one they “Missed”. Jegan wanted to talk more to Mona, but she told your station is nearing and get ready to home. As soon as Mona said those words, Jegan started doing it, as a student does the work assigned by his teacher. Then the station arrived, the train stopped and also Jegan’s sweet little time. Mona told “Bye Jegan, have a nice time and see you at office” with a beautiful smile again. Jegan was little worried to leave her and with no option said bye.

Jegan’s mind was telling him that he would meet Mona before he meets her in office. Train started moving slowly and Jegan’s angle also went. He went home and was thinking about the time he spoke with Mona. After 3 hours, Jegan’s mobile beeped. Yes it was Mona’s message “Rchd home safely J“. That was the first message Jegan got from Mona. Jegan smiled on seeing it and he decided not to delete it..............

Journey continues………….

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chennai Egmore – Journey 2

While Jegan was thinking about her, on the other end she noticed Jegan. She could recognize Jegan very well because he a guy who is very humorous in office. Most of the people sitting around him knew him well. Yes, Mona and Jegan work in same office. Mona works in another team sitting near by Jegan’s team. It also struck in Jegan mind that the girl is Mona. On that strike Jegan could not control his enthusiasm and went near Mona. Mona raised her face little up and saw Jegan. Jegan with a smiling face told “Hi” to her, she also told “Hi” smiling back.

Jegan casually asked Mona where she goes and got a reply from her. He also told where he is going. Jegan was bit happy that Mona will travels with until he reaches his destination. Mona has to travel another 3 hours from Jegan’s native to reach her native. There was a silence between them for 10 to 20 seconds. Jegan knows that Mona works in the team near by and even what project she works. Jegan pretended as if he doesn’t knows what project she works and asked her about it. Mona told the details and asked Jegan, you work on this project rite? Jegan told a big yes to her. They both were discussing about the team and office for a couple of minutes and the conversation ended with a “Bye”.

Time was around 8:30PM, Jegan came back to his berth and ate some snacks he had. His stomach was filled with that little snacks and happiness on talking to Mona. Mona is good looking, fair and with no makeups in her face. She has a lengthy hair, which is plaited. In office, Jegan has to cross Mona’s desk to meet one of his colleague. When ever Jegan crosses her desk just glances Mona. Whenever he sees Mona, an advertisement strikes his mind because the girl in the ADD looks similar like Mona.

All of a sudden Jegan’s mobile was ringing and he looked at it. The call was from his mother. He answered his mother and later passing time by looking to his mobile. He noticed the time was 9:00 PM and again looked a Mona’s berth. At that time Mona was getting ready for sleep. Co-passengers in Jegan’s compartment were also getting ready for sleep and soon Jegan joined them. During the course of journey, Jegan couldn’t sleep and was thinking about her. When time went on he slept.

Early Morning Jegan woke up and was getting ready since the train will reach his native in another half an hour. He noticed Mona, that she was asleep. He wanted to say Mona a “Bye” before he reaches is native. Jegan was eagerly watching her berth and time went on. There was only 15 Mins to reach his native, but still Mona was asleep………………

Journey continues…………

Monday, March 15, 2010

Chennai Egmore – Journey 1

Every day we work on our office timings. We go to office in the morning and come back home during evenings. The work we do makes us to live a scheduled life. In cities like Chennai it is very true. In Chennai, Many bachelors live in suite. They have lot of friend in the suite and even in the work place. Even they have lot people there, when weekends comes, they plan to go to their native places and enjoy with their family. Below consequence happened to a guy Jegan who travels back to his native from chennai to enjoy a weekend.

Time is nearly 5:00 PM, even having some pending task to be completed in office; Jegan managed to leave office since it is a Friday that he has planned to go to his native. Jegan left office and was traveling to chennai egmore station to catch his train. There was lot of traffic in the roads since it was a weekend. Thoughts we running in Jegan’s mind that, whether he will catch the train. Normally Jegan travels with one of his friend to his native. This time he has to travel alone since his friend was busily tied up with work.

Finally, he got in to the train just 5 mins before the departure. He was hungry but managed. There was lot of co-passengers moving here and there in the train. He spotted out his berth and got settled for the trip. Jegan was thinking his journey might be bored since his friend was not with him. The train started and most of the people settled by.

Jegan took a side-glance in the compartment and noticed a face that he has often seen before, but could remember where exactly is. Yes it was a girl. Jegan looked a couple of times to identify her. But she didn’t notice Jegan looking her. Jegan's mind was anxious to speak to her. But at the same time he was bit concerned too. So he didn’t speak …………

Journey continues………….