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Chennai Egmore – Journey 22 - The Climax

Thanks to all the readers for reading the journey with patience. Your support & positive comments boosted us very much to put more and more effort to give the best. We are really sorry for the long gaps between posts. Will try to correct in upcoming posts.

As of journey, this is a story with some real incident that you might have faced or you would have seen or heard from your friends. We took all those and made it a story. From the previous 5 to 6 post, many readers where asking abt the climax. Whether it’s positive or negative and most of them wished to be positive. We wanted to satisfy the expectation of many Jegans & Monas who read the journey. Ready the climax and enjoi. Once again thanks all for your support. We will meet again with a new sweet LOVE journey.  

Here we go……….

Jegan went to Chennai on that day itself, Mona’s father got discharged from hospital the next day.

Jegan and Mona didn’t talk to each other for a week. And on next Sunday Mona called Jegan and said his father is better now and she will come to Chennai tomorrow. Apart from “Hmmm, ok, Yea” Jegan didn’t say anything.

Next day they both meet each other in office cafeteria. Both were happy to meet after a week gap that too in their favorite spot where their love began. But this week a lot has happened.

Mona and Jegan talking about Mona’s father health condition, and how it happened.

Mona noticed Jegan was still feeling he was responsible for everything. So Mona asked Jegan, ‘Why are you acting as you are normal Jegan. I knew you not. Stop acting, Neeye solluva nu ethir parthen, but u didn’t start at all..

Jegan, ‘No. I m not acting. I m normal only’.

Mona, ‘Don’t lie. You are not responsible for this, neither me. It is bcoz of love between u and me, and my father’s attitude and his love on me. That means we all are responsible for this. And we cannot blame you on this.’

Jegan, ‘Illa. I feel like I m selfish. I thought only about me and my life. Not from your family side and also importantly from your side. There are so many things leads to marriage. There are many things important for your father. I didn’t consider about it. I didn’t respect him. I am ashamed. I probably put you in lot of pressure.’

Mona, ‘this is first time, I m seeing u talking like this. You used so many ‘I’. That is hurting... It’s about ‘We’ not ‘I’. If you feel ashamed, then I too feel ashamed. If that so, we are responsible for everything happened. Not only you. I know you for almost 2 years. In all those 2 years so many times I was worried about our future. Whenever I was worried, you only stand behind me and push me. You taught me how to stay positive, how to take things lightly, and taught me to see the life from different perspective. You know how am I proud of having you as my life partner. You are everything to me. I knew you are hurt by my mother’s comment and my comment. You are rite? ‘.

Jegan just shook his head. Mona continued, ‘What I and my mother told was purely out of emotional. We didn’t mean to harm you. Even my mother told me next day, ‘Naan nethu Jegan apdi pesi iruka kudathu.. Avan kitta sollidu nu sonnanaga…’ I replied her, ‘Maa don’t worry Jegan will understand nu... But … We were sorry Jegan’

Jegan thinks for a minute and thinks what his father told him on that day. Finally a small smile comes on his face and shook his head holding Mona’s hand.

Jegan, ‘Thank You. You knew me better than anyone’.

Mona winked, ‘Better than your mom???’

Jegan, ‘Heeeyyyy… Aaama intha mokka lam enga irunthu kathukitta??’

Mona, ‘Hmmm… unkitta irunthu thaan’. Both had a good laugh.

Mona then told, ‘Ok... Now I tell you a happy news... You know what? For past one week, everyday there will be a discussion about you in my home not from me but from my family. Since after I hugged you on that night, that too in front of my relatives. They all talking about you only and they are talking to my father. My father listens to them. Also my uncle goes one step ahead, he lied to my father that you gave some money for my father treatment. I was wondering what you said to my uncle. Since then, my uncle daily asks some detail about you. He even started calling you as ‘Mappila’’.

Jegan, ‘Oooh really that’s great news dear. Finally relatives helping us in our love ah… See how my one hug is effective. But you are not allowing me for more’.

Mona, ‘Romba aasa thaan.’

Jegan, ‘Parra… But I didn’t talk much to your uncle na’.

Mona, ‘Yea… but he told, you cried and you were in lot of pain. That’s where my uncle started liking you. Is it true?  You cried?…’

Jegan, ‘Hmmmmmm…. May be’.

Mona, ‘Sappppaaa… Intha pasangale ipdi thaan… emotional idiots.. :D.. ‘

Jegan, ‘itheellam konjam over’.

Mona, ‘Coolll… Actually after that, my uncle promised me that he will convince my father for the marriage at any cost nu… That gives me confidence. Athaan today I speak this way… Also unna innum konja naal alaza vidalam nu thought… But paavam en chellam nu vittuten…’.

Jegan, ‘hmmm… Iru di… Unna piragu pathukiren…’.

Both had a big laugh and were happy… Jegan called his father also they called Ganesh and Aruna and informed everything to them... They were also so happy with that.

A month went, one beautiful day and Mona’s father called Mona and asked her to come that weekend with Jegan.

Mona asked, ‘Dad.. Is this serious?’.

Mona’s father, ‘Yes’.

Mona, ‘Thank you thank u. thanks a lot daddy’.

Mona called Jegan and informed him the same. He was so delighted. They decided to go by train and booked tickets.

On train, Mona makes fun of Jegan, seeing how nervous he was.

On morning both reached the home, Jegan was welcomed by Mona’s father and Mona’s uncle.

They asked him to take a bath. They had a good breakfast. During breakfast, all time Mona’s uncle calling Jegan as ‘Mappilai’. Jegan initially hesitated to join the conversation bcoz of Mona’s father. But later he too joined it. But Mona’s father didn’t talk. That worried Jegan. He feels like he is almost there to the heavens door but not yet.

Mona’s father called Jegan to his room. Mona wished him all the best. Jegan, ‘Naan first time interview ponathuku kuda ipdi bayanthathu illa’. Mona smiled and pushed him in to the room.

Mona’s father was about to start the conversation.

Jegan stopped him and said, ‘Sir, I am very sorry for whatever happened to you. It’s all bcoz of me only, Plz don’t blame Mona ever for this. About Mona, She is jus special. I love her very much at least one percent more than you. Also I didn’t spend any amount for your treatment. Even I didn’t ask anyone to lie for me too.  But they did. They did for Mona. So please think... Don’t say noo…. ‘.

Mona father smiled, ‘You know what? I liked you in first meeting. But when my daughter told that she loves you. I hated you the most. But once I had heart attack, I had a feel like my life is finished. I was more worried about Mona and my wife. Who will take care of them after I go? So many questions arise in my mind. That pains me more than the heart pain. Bcoz I don’t have a son or someone to take a responsibility. Later I was unconscious. But once I wake up, I saw you. I know you definitely not came for me, you came for Mona’. Jegan shakes his head.

Mona father continued, ‘But when I wake up, I saw you and my family standing outside. At the moment all my attitude was gone. Then I feel ashamed of me. Why I behave bad to my daughter. Why I cause trouble to my own daughter. Just bcoz of different religion or just bcoz I thought badly of you.  Whatever may be the reason but decided to change my decision. About Mona she is really indeed special. After my attack, she never talked about you. Why I am telling this is prior to that whenever I talk to her, she always talks about you only. I always feel frustrated at that time. But after that, she didnt say a single word about you. I know she is hiding her emotions for me. There I understood my daughter’s feeling and love for me and love for you. So these things made me to convince…..

Jegan with eyes open, ‘So sir it means ???’.

Mona father smiled and happily said, ‘Don’t call me Sir, call me mama… Ask your Dad and mom to my home. We can talk about your marriage’.

Jegan almost had tears in his eyes and said, ‘thank u sir..’.

Mona’s father, ‘Thank my family too... Mona in prayers, Jus tell her this’.

Jegan, ‘Sure I ll do now’.

Mona praying in her room, Jegan entered her room. Mona asked what happened. Mona’s with wide opened eyes, she expecting a word from Jegan. Jegan smiles and comes near her and hugged her and no words spoken both had tears.

Jegan said in her ears, ‘Your father said yes to our marriage.  First time unna train la paarkum pothu ithellam nadakumanu ninaichen, now it happened, my life is fulfilled.’

Mona, ‘Hmmmm… My life too..’.

Jegan, ‘I love you Mona’.

Mona, ‘Love you tooo.’

Both shared the first kiss of their life. Mona rushed to her father and thanked him.

Mona’s father was happy to see his happy daughter. She thanked her mom and uncle. And told them how fortunate to have them, and how happy she is.

Soon the parents meet and marriage date was fixed. Mona’s father apologizes to Jegan father for all he said when they last met.

Jegan and Mona became the hot topic in their office; they called and invited Ganesh and Aruna.
Aruna wished Jegan, ‘Congrats da. Epadiyo sathichita… I am very happy’.

Ganesh on the other end with his usual funny comments, ‘Enna Jegan pesiye Mona, Mona family la irukira ellaraium correct pannita pola…’

But both Ganesh and Aruna in outside the country, they told  Jegan and Mona, they can’t make it. But Jegan ordered them to come to marriage at any cost and said , ‘Enga love starting la irunthu, last vara engaluku support panninga.. Marriage ku kandipa varanum’ 

On the marriage day, Jegan and Mona got the specials gifts they wished; both Ganesh and Aruna were present at the time…

All four had a great time there after a long time. They are pulling the legs of each other and made happy comments. Jegan and Mona’s parents were happy seeing their kids got the life they wanted. Everyone had a fantastic time after that.

At last a true love wins.

Jegan and Mona were in cloud nine, truly they deserved to be and they started their new journey in life…….

Journey continues…… Sorry sorry Journey Ends…;-)

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Chennai Egmore – Journey 21

Jegan and Jegan’s parents were surprised, shocked and worried by the absence of Mona. Jegan tried calling her a many times, but no response from Mona.

Jegan told his father that he will go now to Mona’s place and find her. Jegan father stopped him, ‘Don’t Rush Lets wait, she might ve lost her mobile phone or some reasons will be there’.

Jegan tensed and called Mona repeatedly with no luck. His thoughts go mad. An hour went by; Mona’s mobile says it is switched off. Jegan asked his father, ‘Whether Mona’s father arranged for a sudden marriage? If that is the case there is no point I live. Now her mobile got switched off too. What should do I do now?’

Jegan father looked at Jegan and told him nothing would have happened don’t think of too much in a assured way.

Jegan father asked Jegan, ‘Do u contacted her today?’

Jegan, ‘No’.

Jegan father, ‘So when u contacted her last?’

Jegan, ‘I spoke to her on train that is our last meeting; after she messaged me that she reached. That’s it. She didn’t call me for 2 days. I thought it is normal. But now…’

Jegan father, ‘Okay okay relax. I will enquire about her thru one my friend there. I ll ask him to see what happening there. You stay here I just go out and talk to him and come’.

Before leaving Jegan father murmured Jegan mother, ‘Jus keep an eye on him’ and went.

No sign of Jegan father for 10 mins. Jegan has almost no nails in his hand to bite and he was still with his shoes for those mins. He was sitting in chair with head down and thinking much. Jegan mother went to him and sat close to him and trying her best to relax him.

Jegan told her mother that he was so scared now.

Jegan father comes back and told Jegan, ‘I asked my friend to go to Mona’s home and asked him to check the situation. He will call me in approximately 30 mins’.

Jegan father asked him to remove the shoes and to relax.

Time passes by. Within 10 minutes Jegan asked his father to check again. Jegan father replied back saying ‘Lets wait for 10 more minutes’.

They waited for another 10 minutes, Jegan father received a call from his friend.

Jegan father was talking quietly on the phone. Jegan went near him in anticipation. As he approaches, Jegan father ended the call and told him, ‘Hey Jegan, It is bad news, nothing as we thought but still bad. My friend told me, Mona’s father was hospitalized this evening. They all in hospital it seems, Neighbors’ says he had a heart attack’.

Jegan was little relaxed and was biting the lips.  

Jegan father asked him, ‘What r u going to do now?’

Jegan, ‘I want to go there and see how the situation. Tell me what I do?’

Jegan father immediately replied, ‘Yea we can go there, I m also coming with u. I call my friend and inform him about our arrival’.

Jegan mother interrupted, ‘Its already late here, time almost 10’O clock. If u starts from here by now, u will reach there by 2 in mid night. Where would u go? Will hospitals be open at that time?’

Jegan, ‘No ma, I want to go immediate’.

Jegan mother, ‘I m not stopping u. since u lost contact with her. Even if u go there, who would u contact? Just think before and go’.

As a typical mom she advised them at the right time.

Jegan father, ‘She too had a point. First we go there and decide wat we can do. I will ask my friend to get some more info on this.’

Time almost 10.15 they got the bus from their place. Mona’s home town was approximately 100 Km from there. In bus, lights were switched off and they were playing some old tamil film in the dark. Jegan was looking at the darkness outside the window.

Jegan thinks how badly he missed Ganesh and Aruna in this place.

Jegan father asked him to have a sleep, even though he knew Jegan won’t sleep at this time. Jegan replied, ‘I can’t. You have a sleep’.

They reached Mona’s place at exactly 1’O clock in the morning.

Jegan’s father’s friend was waiting for them in the bus stand. He took them to the hospital by an auto. In auto, he told them, ‘What I heard is Mona father had heart attack in the evening. Seems he is improving well now. We can go inside the hospital. No problem at all’.

In another 20 mins, auto reached the hospital.

 All 3 entered the ward where Mona father was admitted. Mona saw them first and walks fast towards Jegan, both hugged each other that too in front of few very close relatives of Mona’s family. They were shocked seeing this. Except Mona’s mother no one from their family knows Mona’s love.

Mona was crying and started to tell what happened.

Mona, ‘It happened just hours before I was about to start to Chennai. He didn’t speak to me for 2 days after I told him that I want to marry you. He was so upset for 2 days. And on today he was over stressed and suddenly he got the heart attack. I feel like I m the reason for all this. I became his curse. It all my fault’

Mona relatives were all shocked and Mona’s mother told them who they were and what all happened in the recent days.

Jegan father was talking to Mona’s relatives how Mona father was doing right now and asked them to feel free to contact them for any help. He informed everyone that ‘We were actually trying to reach Mona’s mobile but, we were unable to. But we got the sad news from my friend. So we came here, now good to hear he is fine.’

Mona said, ‘Sorry I forget to take the mobile here’.

Mona’s mother asked them to stay in their home for tonight and can see Mona’s father tomorrow.

Jegan father replied, ‘No its fine. We will stay in my friend home.’

Mona was in the arms of Jegan and still crying. Jegan, ‘Do not worry. Now he is doing well. Now u need to provide him care and support.’

Mona’s relatives were clearly seeing the love they share but they don’t want to comment about it at this time.

Jegan asked his father to go to his friend home and get a sleep and said he will take care of the things here.

Mona’s relatives were also leaving; they said they will come in early morning.

So now Mona, Mona’s mother and Jegan were in the hospital. Mona’s mother thanked Jegan for coming there that too in the very late night. Mona’s mother, ‘You are good guy, I know it, now my family members are feeling it. One day he will also realize it. Let he become normal. I will talk to him about your marriage. He will agree. I am sure about it. He loves Mona a lot. She was her first priority in his life. Also he hates love marriage for some reasons. But I believe he will change everything for Mona. Please don’t separate him from his daughter. Please wait… ’.

Jegan clearly understands the words from her. He feels like he was the reason behind all this, especially he feels like bcoz of him only Mona’s family was in the hospital and in life-death situation. Jegan saddened and promised Mona mother, ‘No never aunty. Without his permission, I will never marry Mona. Don’t worry’

Mona understands Jegan’s feeling, immediately stopped her mother, ‘Maa don’t talk about it now.’

Mona asked Jegan not to worry about the comments made by mother. Jegan didn’t respond her.

Already pity Mona now was even more worried as Jegan things like this.

A night long silence appeared in the room with the exception of small conversations.

Jegan asked Mona about whether her relatives are present in the hospital. She said they were here chittappa, chitti and mama.

Mona’s uncle came early in the morning and asked Jegan to go his home as he will take care of things.

Jegan before leaving, he went inside to inform Mona. But he saw Mona was sleeping, so went away without informing her.

Jegan went to see his father.

His father asked, ‘Is everything fine there?’.

Jegan replied, ‘Yea Everything is fine there since I am here’.

Jegan father, ‘What? What happened? ‘.

An emotional Jegan, ‘I feel like I m guilty, selfish, and I m responsible for his heart attack. Just for my sake, I put them in to this situation’.

Seeing his son worried, Jegan father, ‘Hey hey wait. Go and have a sleep. We will go and meet them in afternoon.’

Jegan, ‘No there is no point in going there. He will be more worried if he sees me there. We will go home now. I informed Mona’s uncle that we will be leaving now and will see him after he discharged from hospital.’

Jegan’s father just tapped his son shoulder and told him, ‘If that was your decision, I will come with you. But don’t let your mind to take wrong decision based on last night’.

Mona looked for Jegan later she found he was missing in the hospital. Mona’s uncle told Jegan’s message to her. Mona knows exact reason why he left her alone. She called Jegan, he skipped first 2 calls and attended the next one and he tried to act normal but Mona caught him, ‘there is something wrong with you. Wat happened?’. Jegan, ‘Nothing. Come to Chennai. We need to talk’.

What Jegan wants to talk, lets wait for one more journey….:)

Journey continues……