Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chennai Egmore – Journey 6

Both Jegan and Mona reached the station by 6 AM. Mona went to Jegan place to know what he is doing. To her surprise, Jegan was awake and was putting shoe lace. Jegan looked up and saw Mona, she was looking fresh, beautiful with loose hairs (Perhaps she want to look beautiful to Jegan) and greet him with a smile. Jegan was happy that Mona came to wake him up.

Train reached the station; Jegan helped Mona to move her luggage out of the train. Jegan was more curious to know abt Mona’s marriage plan. He thought of asking, but wanted Mona to tell herself so he didn’t ask. Then both said ‘bye’ and went in opposite direction to their home. Mona stayed in ladies hostel. Jegan was with his friends in rented a home.

Jegan reached home by 6.30 AM, he want to see Mona again. Remember he met the girl just half an hour ago. Whenever Jegan comes from his native he used to go to office late after taking rest for few hours, but not today. He then got ready to go to office. He weared one of his best shirt, he even polished the shoe which normally he wont. Jegan started doing activities, which he normally won’t. He used to go to office, by office bus. His office is far away from the city. It is 15kms away from his home. Jegan got the bus, listening to songs. Due to traffic and all bus takes at least 45 mins to reach his office. His excitement level was up.

Jegan reached office, went straight to cafeteria. He then bought a plate of idly and vada and took a corner seat in the cafeteria. Jegan knows Mona would come any time to cafeteria. Today he wants to admire her beauty (Sight adika poran). This is not the first time Jegan is going to see Mona, he saw her many times before that. But this time, Jegan feels Mona as a special girl. Jegan started eating idly’s slowly.

After few minutes, the cafeteria door opened and Jegan eyes wide opened (As in romantic movies). Mona entered the cafeteria with 2 of her friends. Since Jegan seated in the corner she didn’t notice him and went straight to the counter. Now Jegan stopped eating and start admiring Mona. Mona weared Red colored chudithar with matching ear rings as all girls love to do. Mona knotted her hair as a perfect homely girl. Her queue moved slowly and in few minutes she bought idly’s and seated with her friends. All this minutes, Jegan with his mouth opened, was looking at Mona only.

Suddenly someone from back hit Jegan’s head. Jegan angrily looked back. It was his close friend Aruna. Jegan said “Oh u only ya. Sit down”

Aruna with big smile,‘ What the hell r u doing here, u never come early to office and where r u looking at with ur mouth wide opened??’

Jegan with smile replied, ‘Go and take ur food. I will tell you’.

Aruna replied, ’Hmmm sure something interesting’.

Jegan and Aruna were very good friends. Jegan know her for past one year both from same team. Both used to share many including personal things. Aruna and one more guy Ganesh helped Jegan in initial stage of his project career. This is how all 3 become close friends.

Now Aruna come and sat opposite to Jegan and asked,’Hey tell what happened, whether u got engaged in home town :-) ??‘ With smile.

Jegan said, ‘Hmmm.. noo.. just move away, I want to see my girl’ with grinned smile..

Aruna said, ‘Wat? Come again wat u said??’.

Jegan replied, ‘Hmmm.. Nothing. Just turn back and look at the red chudi girl seated at second row’.

Aruna immediately turned back and found her then said, ‘Oh Mona va… Now tell me why u said she is ur girl?? ‘

Jegan said, ‘Oh her name is Mona ah!! How do u know.??’.

Aruna replied, ‘Heyyy loose.. First answer my question’,

Aruna saw Jegan, he was smiling and looking up and down. This is the first time she saw Jegan reacting like that. Then she smiled (Nakkala Sirikira) looking at him and asked, ‘Hello man. What happened? I never seen u like this’.

Now Jegan explained all those things happened from Journey 1 to journey 5. Time passed, Aruna patiently listening to him without asking any questions. Jegan completed Narrating this incidents with lot of excitement and in the middle he paused and looked somewhere.

Aruna looked at the direction where Jegan is looking, there she saw Mona finished her breakfast and walking with her friends. Aruna put her hand on her head and thinking, ‘ Sutham… Enna Koduma sir ithu’. Aruna waved her hands in front of Jegan’s face. Jegan came to normal state and once again smiling and continue the story.

Jegan then stopped the story at last. Aruna looking at Jegan face and asked, ‘U fell in love with Mona, This is what u want to convey me??’.

Jegan said, ‘Hmmm’..

Jegan asked Aruna, ‘Atleast now tell how u know her name?’.

Aruna said, ‘One of my college mate was in her project. She told about her once. She told Mona was a good girl’. Jegan was happy hearing those words.

Aruna then called Ganesh. Jegan asked, ‘Who u calling?? Ganesh?’. Aruna said, ‘Yep’. Jegan replied, ‘Hey no plz he will laugh at this’.

Aruna said, ‘I don’t care’.

Ganesh Picked the call. Aruna asked him, ‘When will u come to office?’

Ganesh: I am on the way na. Why anything important?

Aruna: Nothing. You know Jegan is in office today now.

Ganesh: What. So soon?

Aruna: Yea lot of surprises awaiting for u. Lovenu solran, Vetka Paduran, Engeyo parkiran ennanamo pesuran’.

Ganesh: shockingly asked: What? namma Jegan aha?

This time Jegan picked the mobile from Aruna and said, ‘Nothing da. She lied. Come to office. Will tell all’ and cut the call and asked Aruna, ‘R u happy now?’. Both smiled and went to their cubicle.

Ganesh came to office and Late all 3 went to have a coffee. That time Aruna told all the things to Ganesh. Both laughed at him. Jegan tried to stop everything but cant. That time Mona also came to have coffee. Aruna saw her and told Jegan, ‘Ur gal is coming?’ with smile. Ganesh curiously asked where. Since he don’t know who Mona was.

Jegan saw Mona as was walking with a guy. Both were joking and laughing. Jegan had some bad memories with that guy in their college days. Yes both are college mates and both had many fights. Now Jegan thinking, is he Mona’s boy friend? Or just friend?. Even if he is her friend, what will he tell to Mona if he knows about me. Even if he tells Mona how she will react …

Jegan was thinking about it. Aruna asked, ‘what are thinking, go and talk to her na’.

Jegan replied, ‘No not this time’ and left immediately to his cubicle.

Aruna and Ganesh staring at each other, both don’t know what to do and left to their cubicle.

Will that guy be a Villan in the story???

Journey continues…………

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chennai Egmore – Journey 5

The day comes to an end, as Jegan fast approaching the station to catch the train. His friends came to the station to drop him. They were just in time to catch the station. He got into the train. The train was dark inside, since he boarded the train around 11 PM, all people in the train were sleeping, no lights turned on. He placed his bag and came to door, to say bye to his friends. One guy jokingly reminded him ‘don’t dream about the girl, go home safely da’. Everyone was laughing, except Jegan since his friend told that, 1000 volts bulb glowing in his mind because there is a chance for Mona to come in this train. He was thrilled and happily waving his hand to say bye to friends.

He rushed to his seat, TTE also come to his check his ticket. He got checked his ticket and took his mobile and messaged Mona ‘Good night, I am going by train’. He waited, waited and waited for 20 mins; there were no reply from Mona. He thought she would have slept. So put his ear phone to listen to his favorite songs and started to sleep.

After 10 mins he got a reply from Mona. She replied “Hey I m also going in train which train r u in? “. He replied the train name. She replied him back “Hey I m also in the same train”. Jegan was happy and called Mona for the First time. He asked, “Where are u?” She said the coach number. Amazingly both were in the same coach but at the either end of the compartment. Jegan was happy that things were going his way. He then asked “Are u alone?” She said ‘yeah’. He said he would come there and cut the call.

Jegan went to Mona’s place and saw his women in dream wearing a pink color Kurta and waving her hands and said “hi.. How r u ?? “ With a smile. Jegan replied, “yea I m doing good. Lucky to see u again. you look good in the dress”. Mona replied, “Oh thanks. Can we move near to the door, people are sleeping. We may disturb them”.

Jegan happily agreed, ‘Oh sure’. Both went near the door. Jegan asked ‘Then how was the weekend?’ Mona said, ‘I really enjoyed it, it’s nice to be back home na. Enjoyed both the days with my parents, had small fight with my mother as a school going kid and got scolding from my mother. They bought a new saree for me, I really like the color and design on it. you know my Puppy was looking bigger and cute than last time I saw it. But all this only for 2 days. Now I am little sad, It happens every time.’. When she explained she shows lots of expression in her face, words were coming from her heart like a waterfall. Jegan just loved all this by just listening to her.

Jegan said, ‘ I think u need water?’.
Mona smiled and replied, ‘ what yaar? Are u making fun out of me.’.
Jegan : ‘hey not. I liked the way u explained. That’s it’
Mona: ‘hmm, then how was ur’s?’
Jegan: ‘yea its ok kinda, family, friends, chicken, mutton and briyani’.

Both smiled once he completed the sentence. Actually it’s best example to show women were more expressive than men.

Mona asked, ‘y u said Ok kinda? U don’t want to come to ur home ah?’
Jegan replied, ‘Without seeing u, how it will be good!!!’.
Mona silenced and eyed at Jegan by raising her eyebrow.
Jegan replied, ‘hey it’s a joke, I expected a smile ‘

Mona took a breath and said, ‘Oh goddddddd’…. Both laughed. But it’s not a joke from jegan’s perspective. That time train slowed as it nearing next station. Jegan asked Mona, ‘U want to have anything ?’ She replied no. But jegan jumped off the train and bought a water bottle and cake. Train start moving both were near the door, this time the gap between them got closer. Jegan give both water bottle and cake to Mona, as he wants to put the change into his purse. He dropped the coins which fell on her silky feet not intentionally. To pick the coin both bended to pick the coin and their forehead hit each other and both smiled each other. Finally Mona picked the coin and gave it to Jegan and Jegan touched her hand intentionally.

There was a silence for a min and Mona asked, U asked me am I alone or not, why did you ask?.

Jegan smiled and said, ‘Jus think , if u come with ur parents, that time a good looking guy like me come to see me. How ur father react?’
Mona said, ‘sssshhhh…. U always like this? Or trying to flirt ? ‘
Jegan relied , ‘I flirt with only beautiful girls. Till no girls had luck to flirt wit me. All are poor.. ‘.
Mona said, ‘Oh my godddddd… only god can save me from u… but you only said I am looking good in the dress’.
Jegan said, ‘Oh did I said that?... may be I lied’ … he don’t want to make that sentence a joke.

Both were smiling at each other. No words spoken for few seconds. Both felt something, which they never felt before in their life. Is that a feelings called love… ??? Both were talking about the family background. Jegan wants to talk more and asked about her marriage plans. We know why he is asking. Suddenly a policeman come that way and asked them not to stand near the door and asked them to close the door. Mona said, ‘Oops its time to sleep.Time runs very fast, when speaking with you”. Jegan replied, ‘Everyone say this to me. And you didn’t answer my question ‘ with a naughty smile. Mona said, ‘hmmm. Wait till tomorrow.’ Saying this Mona prepared herself to sleep.

Jegan was little disappointed and said, ‘okie…. One request, can u wake me just few mins before the train reaches station? Even I can pay for u’ with a smile again. Mona, ‘sssshhhh… sure but need not pay me’. Jegan: ‘hey jus kidding take it on lighter note. Ok.. bye.. good night.’ Mona replied, ‘bbye.. good night’ and Jegan switched off the light and started moving to his seat slowly.

Mona was very much happy with the conversation she had with him. She never faced a funny guy like him. She thinks about the moment she laughed and started sleeping. Jegan was also happy that this time he didn’t waste the chance and felt he made it memorable. He was thinking about the first call, first touch, first funny moments and etc…. Jegan was very curious to know her marriage plan, but she get didn’t reply. Jegan was forced to wait for one day and so as we for the next post.

Journey continues…………

For Readers:

That night jegan found his talent (which is said in previous post) to write poems. He indeed write a kavithai (poem). For this, I asked one of my friend to write a poem, who is excelled in writing poems and has a own blog and fan followings. The poem is below.

ஜோவென்று மழை பெய்ய
கூவென்று ரயில் முழங்க
மை என இருள் பரவ
இனிதே தொடங்கியது
ரயில் பயணம்
தண்ணீர் விற்றவன் ஓய்வெடுக்க
அழுத குழந்தையும் உறங்க
ரயிலில் சப்தம் தான் அடங்க
யௌவனம் மிக்க அவளும் தான்
துயிலும் நேரம் வந்ததோ??
கார்குழலி உறங்குகிறாள்
கருவிழியாள் துயிலுகிறாள்
கருவாபையன் என் நெஞ்சம்
கொட்டி முழக்கும் கடல் போல
கூவுவதும் கேக்கலியோ?
உன் மழலை பேச்சை கேட்டேனடி
விண் கதிர் வெடித்து வந்ததோ
உன் உதட்டின் சிவப்பென்று வியந்தேனடி!
கண்ணில் நித்திரை சுமந்து
நான் உருகுவதும் புரியலியோ?
குருவிகள் கீச்சிட தொடங்கியதே
விடியலும் மெல்லென விழித்ததே
நேரம் சீக்கிரம் சுழன்றதே
நான் இரங்கும் நேரம் வந்ததே
உனக்கின்னும் உறக்கம் கலையலியோ?
அலுவலகம் ஒன்று என்பதனால்
மீண்டும் உனை நான் பார்ப்பேன்
விரும்புகிறாயா என்று நான் கேட்டால்
வெட்கம் பூத்த முகத்தை, கண்ணே!
கரங்களில் புதைத்து உரைப்பாயா??

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Neeya Naana

Last week Vijay TV’s Neeya Naana topic was with mobile phones –“ how people use mobile phones”. As you all know Gopinath will run the show well, the same way it went very well.

I liked the topic very much and got many interesting facts about mobile usage. IPL 20-20 match between Deccan Chargers vs Mumbai Indians was going on in Parallel. I want to see the match. The speech by people in the show was very good. I was changing my TV channel back and forth.

Ring Tone – “we keep our ring tone as we wish” was the justification given by one team but the other team told, in public places it is not good have it. It distracts other very much. When you are in a meeting keeping a loud ring tone will not be good.

Then topic went on to messages. One side started with telling – people send message simply for no reason. Forwarding message is very bad, just they have 1000 messages free per day, they send messages. One important point I got here was that, Forwarding messages like “Fwd this message to 10 people. If do so, you will get good things happen soon” – people fwd these type of useless message and make only service providers be good. One more thing is “simply sending O- (negative) blood needed”. One person justified that this is too a fake one. One person exposed very well telling "Shakespeare மச்சான் மாரி தத்துவம் அனுப்புவாங்க. நம்மக்கு தெரியும் அவங்க யாருநு"

Break – I switched to the IPL match and Deccan’s were playing very bad. I still had hope that they will win. Then switched back to Vijay TV.

Now, it is the actual start. Gopinath, just asked, “ on a day how many hours you speak continuously”. A guy told he has spoke for 7 hours continuously. Gopinath’s next question to him was “ Is it a girl ?” ;-)…. He told yes. Other people started telling they speak 2 hours, 1 hour, etc. But the point the opposite team told was very valid “ they will speak nothing important”. On account of this answer, Gopinath asked “what is the thng you get out it”. I can’t believe this, a girl answered, “my communication is getting increased by this”………

All in a sudden the topic went on to cell phone count. For that too, you will not believe this, another girl told , she has 25 cell phones. For this Gopinath also told the Team validated this and she had 25 cell phones.

Break – Went back to IPL. Deccan’s wickets were falling down…. Even then “Rohit Sharma” was struggling. I lost my hope here.

Then the show went with judges. Gopinath started asking them “How can people be safe with their mobile phones”. They list the below points

1. Keep your mobile phones safe and have your IME number noted.
2. Don’t keep your personnel photos and videos in the mobile.
3. Don’t write any mobile number in paper. Like where ever you stay (Hotels, etc).
4. If you get a call or irrelevant message from an unknown number, take immediate action.

Finally the show ended with நிகழ்சியில் பங்கேற்ற அனைவர்க்கும் கோபிநாத்இன் நெஞ்சார்ந்த.........................................

My thought on mobile usage is - we will use our mobile as mobile, not as a organ of our body. We shall use all the feature in the mobile, let not get addicted to it. Finally, we should not take mobile phone as an status issue.

Switched back to IPL……;-)