Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chennai Egmore – Journey 17

Few of them asked where is Ganesh and Aruna, What happened to them. Here they are, they are back and back to help the love journey.

Jegan, Mona, Ganesh and Aruna all gathered at railway station, all together after a long time. So their fun trip starts even before the train started.They had all the fun in train.

Aruna asked Jegan, 'Hey, tell me the truth. Since u want to take Mona to your home, u r asking us to join. Am i rite? Only then ur parents wont mistake rite?'

Jegan, 'Yea pakka Aruna.. U r brilliant'.

Aruna raised her eyebrow and looked at Ganesh, 'See I told u rite. He is selfish'.

Jegan, 'hey Cha cha seriously not like tat. Even I planned this way back, to take u guys to my home.' with his usual smile.

Jegan continues, 'Also I m going to take my love to next step, I am gonna tell my parents. I need u guys to back me', saying this he put his arms around Mona shoulder and pull her close. Mona was happy and leaned on Jegan's shoulder.

Ganesh, 'Oooh hoo.. So this is what we are going for?. hmmm.. Gr8'.

They all had dinner and talked for many hours and finally one by one went to sleep.

Its morning, just minutes before the train stops. Jegan, 'Guys next stop is my home. Its not like Chennai, Just keep that in mind. Ganesh and Aruna its for u guys only I am telling'.

Aruna, 'Enna builduplam athigama iruku'.

Jegan, 'No I am just telling'.

Train stopped and as it s a festival some rush in railway station otherwise it will be quiet. They took an auto-rickshaw and started to Jegan's home. On the way, Jegan told Mona, 'Mona jus remember to put right leg first when entering the home ;-)'. Mona shook her head.

On seeing this Aruna, 'Aiyo thangala'.

Auto stops in front of Jegan home. Jegan's mother was already waiting in the doorsteps to welcome his son. She greeted them with big smile. All entered home and found Jegan's father waiting inside.

As Jegan told, Mona entered the home by putting her right leg first when entering the home.

Jegan started to maintain some gap between him and Mona. Jegan started introducing one by one.

Jegan, 'Amma this is Ganesh and Aruna, My team mates and friends. I told lot about them to u, remember'.

Ganesh, 'How are you ma (amma)'. Aruna joined Ganesh, 'Jegan told lot about u ma'.

Jegan now introduced Mona, 'Amma She is Mona. She is my best friend. She is the one who wants to meet you and gave me this idea'.

Aruna and Ganesh both laughing at Jegan.

Jegan's Mother, 'Ooh really. Good'.

Mona, 'Hi Aunty. How r u?'.

Aruna to Ganesh, 'Smart girl. We called Amma, she called Aunty'. Jegan raised his collar when Ganesh and Aruna looking at him, 'Epudi'.

They chatted for about 10 minutes and Jegan father asked them to take rest in upstairs.

Jegan, 'Hmmm.. My girl in my home and in my room. Amazing. Its like a dream'.

Mona, 'Wish the dream becomes a reality'

Jegan, 'It will happen don’t worry'.

Aruna and Ganesh also there in the room. Aruna, 'Sssh romance ah. hey Jegan and Ganesh, can u both get off the room. Its for ladies.'

Both went out. Jegan on leaving he said, 'After breakfast we all go outside and meet my bloody friends here. Mona get ready and may be you can help my mom in preparing the breakfast'.

Mona,'hhmmm sure'.

Ganesh, 'Seri vada polam'.

Jegan and Ganesh after taking small sleep. They are getting ready for breakfast and going out. Jegan and Ganesh come downstairs to their surprise they found Mona and Aruna already there and helping.

Jegan’s father to Ganesh, 'Enna pa. Nalla rest eduthingala. go and eat well'.

Jegan’s Mother, 'See they are girls; both got up quickly and came to help me. Neengalum irukingale'.

Ganesh, 'Illa Amma, sapadu na rendu perum udaney vanthurvanga.. ha ha'.

Aruna, 'Ganessshh.. Will u....'.

Ganesh, 'Ok got it'.

Jegan’s Mother to Jegan, 'Jegan your friends are nice. Both helping a lot. I like both of them'.

Ganesh,'Not me??'. Jegan Mother, 'Of course I do. I like all my son likes'.

All had stomach full of breakfast and Jegan told his father that he will take them to temple, meet his friends and come. Jegan father told, 'Ask your friends to come here to meet them. Girls lam irukanga'. Jegan,'That Too good idea'.

They were walking slowly to the temple. In the street everyone s looking at Jegan, few asked how is Jegan ? who r they?. Jegan answered them one by one. Mona, 'Hmmm Areala romba famous pola'. Jegan, 'Yea.. Naanlam periya VIP'.

Aruna, 'Mona, Nee epdi keta Moka thaan poduvan.. Engala mathiri pesama vaa'.

Mona, 'Mokka thaan ennaku pidichathey'.

Aruna,'Ssssh Mudiyala'.

They came across a Mandapam, Jegan showed Mona and told, 'Hey our marriage may happen here'. Mona, 'Hmmm lets pray for that'.

They entered temple,Mona hesitated little for a second but she entered temple. They chatted for some time. Jegan told Mona, 'I m going to tell about our love to my parents tomorrow after the festival over. Lets pray everything will go fine.'

Ganesh to Aruna, 'See how tactical he is. Telling this in temple and expecting god to help them'.

Jegan called his friends and asked them to come to his home so they can get introduced.

They also back from temple and Jegan's friends also joined them. Jegan take all of them to upstairs. Even before he introducing, One of Jegan friend bited Jegan's ears, 'Yaaruda Machan.. Unnoda aalu'.

Jegan, 'Dei anga irukirathey rendu peru. Athulla oru ponnu thaan azaga iruku.. antha ponnu thaan Mona', he pointed out to Mona.

Aruna, 'Dei.. Enna nakkala. Wait I am going to tell your mother now. '

Jegan, 'aruna aruna.. I am jus kidding'

All introduced to one another. All of Jegan's friend agreed to help for Jegan's Love. One of the guy said he will do what ever for Jegan and even ready to sing 'Sambo siva sambo song' (Nadodigal song).

They all laughed at this. Talks continued for 2 days. Mona tried her best to show her as the best of the best girls. Jegan also told lot of things about Mona to his parents. Its festival time, So Jegan's parents and Jegan happened to meet many relatives and all were asking about Jegan's marriage.

Jegan don’t know how to tell about his love to parents. He don’t know how to start and how to proceed. Even Mona asked this to Jegan, he didn’t answer. The festival got over. They were eating dinner just hours before starting to chennai.

Ganesh and Aruna talking, 'Enna Ivan.. Love pathi solra mathirye theriyale. I think he is struggling for the start. Ok, Ganesh u start'.

Ganesh was busy eating the food he stopped and looked at Aruna, 'Yaaru Naana. Why its me all time?'.

Aruna, 'Pinna Naana. Sollu'.

Ganesh break the silence and asked Jegan's father, 'Apram Appa Eppo Jeganku Marriage'. Jegan feels its high time to say.

Jegan Father, 'This year, if he is ok'.

Jegan Mother, 'If Jegan said ok, we will start looking for a girl'.

Aruna, 'Ohh. What kind of girl u will look for him ma?'.

Jegan Mother, 'Nalla ponnu ah irukanum. Ungala mathiri nalla ponna irukanum. Mainly Its Jegan's Choice. He only has to tell. '.

Aruna and Ganesh signaled Jegan to tell now.

Aruna and Ganesh were caught by Jegan's father. He understands they want to tell something. Jegan father asked them, 'Wats going on here. U guys want to say something'.

Jegan's mother stopped serving sensing something gonna happen.

Jegan slowly opened his mouth and told them in low voice, 'Actually ma. I have made my choice already'.

Jegan Father, 'Wat? What is going on here? So this is why u guys r here. haan ?'.

All were silenced and Jegan's father continued, 'Come on guys open ur mouth and tell something'.

Ganesh took all his courage and said, 'No pa. We are not here to cheat you. We came here, to let u know what Jegan wants and what he likes. Yes pa he is in love. Hope u understand his feeling.'.

Jegan Mother to Jegan, 'Jegan enna ithu. R u in love u didn’t say it.'

Jegan father looking at Jegan,. Jegan with head down, 'yes ma. Naan love panren. She is the one. I want her. Plz accept her.

Mona was sweating and holding Aruna's hand tightly and looking down too.

Jegan father, 'Wat. Mona? She is a Christian'.

Ganesh, 'What pa. Innum ithulla lam poi... U told me Jegan always makes correct decision on that day. Now he made a choice. And he is asking your acceptance for this. He didn’t want to do anything silly. He even told us my parents will accept and do for me'.

Jegan, 'Enna ma, that day u also told u like whoever I likes nu. Now u don’t like Mona'.

Jegan father stopped eating and said he need some time to think. Jegan said, 'Plz ma, plz pa. I promised her. Don’t think about any other things. Plz say yes'.

Jegan father and mother went to a room. Jegan looked at Ganesh and thanked him.

After few minutes, Jegan father came out. These guys looking at him, anticipation. Jegan father, 'How long it is happening?'

Jegan now started saying explaining in detail. On hearing him, Both Jegan father and Mother understand how he loves Mona.

Jegan father asked Jegan, 'If u get married, U know what difficulties will come and what others will talk. Hindu marrying a chirstian. U know rite?'.

Jegan replied, 'Yea I know.. but I love her and need her. '.

Jegan father after few minutes of silence he told, 'Ok.. If that is what u want. Go ahead.'

Jegan on hearing was blasted to happiness, he thanked his father and hugged his mother, 'Romba thanks pa.. I knew u will say yes.. thanks'.

Mona literally started crying and fell down on Jegan father and said, 'thanks uncle. Jegan illaina naan sethu irupen'.

Jegan father, 'No don’t worry now. So u r my daughter-in-law ah... good. '

Jegan father asked Jegan, 'What’s her family says?'

Jegan, 'Noo she didn’t talked to her parents. They are same like u pa. So no prob'.

Jegan father, 'Hmm solra'.

Jegan Mother asked Mona to come near her and kissed her in fore head and said, 'We are happy to have u'.

Jegan father looked at Ganesh and Aruna and said, 'Hmmm... Good friends. Ganesh u r a nice guy'.

They talked for few more minutes and they are getting ready to go.

When they leave, Jegan mother, 'Dei Ennoda marumagala nalla parthuko'. Jegan laughed and was very happy. They all said bye and left.

They boarded the train, Jegan hugged Ganesh and thanked Aruna, 'Guys u r amazing. Especially Ganesh thanks a lot... '.

Ganesh, 'Ithellam ennaku satharnam'. Aruna, 'Even I m impressed'.

Ganesh, 'Hey parra'.

Jegan told Mona, ' Its another great day in my life, next to our love propose day'. Mona, 'Yea.. Thanks a lot' and hugged Jegan....

Journey continues...........