Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chennai Egmore – Journey Buzz !!!

Hello Readers,

Hope all are doing good. I hope many people feel romantic. This part is not about the continuation of the so far so good Journey (Thats what i feel :-)). For the last week we have received many good comments especially for the way it ended. Thanks a ton friends. Bcoz of ur support only I m writing it. Its a boost for me.. I got many questions from my friends asking:

  • When the next part ll be coming?
  • Will Jegan tell his love ?
  • Will Mona tell her love?
  • Who ll tell the love first?
  • Will they tell the love?
  • Will Mona go by her parents way?
  • Is this a love failure ?

From these questions, one thing I felt is few people were really involved with the story/Character.

FYI I ve already written the next Journey a couple of days before itself which will be posted at the earliest. I feel it has come out really well. I hope everyone ll accept it and hope few ll be disappointed. (This is a clue ;-))

But since many of my friends asked these questions, I come up with one idea. The idea is, I want to know your u feel and thoughts abt “how you would like have the up coming journeys”

Please tell u idea. I take this as an opportunity to know the expectations of the readers. Thats it, nothing else. SO PLEASE SHARE UR THOUGHTS.

Next Journey will be published this week for sure.

P.S. Romba scene podurena... :):)... Jus want to know guys.. Tats it.. Don't mistake me. This is the first story I m writing, so I m thrilled and enjoying.

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