Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chennai Egmore – Journey 12

Mona didn’t utter any word to her father. She keep looking at Jegan. Jegan also don’t know what to say. He is also little shocked by her father words. Mona soon realizes that her father might notice her watching Jegan. So she dropped her head. Mona mother interrupted and said, 'Ur father don’t know what/where/when to talk.. Romba avasaram avarku'. Her father replied,'Oh k let us discuss this tomorrow'.

Before leaving Mona father asked Jegan to come with them but Jegan refused by giving lame reasons and he went away. Mona desperately looking Jegan for some answers, Jegan’s eyes replied 'Dont worry, everything will be ok' and Mona understood it, she just blink her eyes for a second and guise her reply. Both were separated now. Jegan was not able to move from the place, he was so confused. Everything happened and went like a Morning mist on a sunny day.

Jegan started his bike and his mind is not on the roads but some how he reached his room. He didn’t talk to any of his roommate and was quite for some time. One of his room mate asked, 'Wat happened?'. Jegan replied, 'Nothing, headache'. Jegan then immediately get out of the place and went inside the room, switched off the lights and pretended to be sleeping. Jegan friends thought he was really not well so they didn’t disturb him.

Both Jegan and Mona didn’t sleep tat night. Mona cried tat day, she felt there was no one to help her. Since no one knows she is in love with Jegan. Yes of course her case was the worst among both. Mona is more afraid of her father and all.

As these things happened on a good Friday, Both Mona and Jegan didn’t meet or chat or talk for next 2 days. Mona was with her parents on both days taking them to few places in Chennai and surroundings. Mona's mother noticed that there was something wrong with her daughter. As mother knows all the move of their children she directly asked, 'Mona, Appa partha paiyan pidikalaya?'. Mona was shocked to hear this, she was afraid of her father but more importantly she still don’t know 100 percent sure whether Jegan loves her not. Mona was silent and said, 'No'. But her mother promised her, 'If ur not interested in this marriage jus tell me, i will talk to ur father and cancel this. Don’t be afraid of ur father and don’t say yes because of him. Its ur life'.

Hearing this Mona felt little comfortable and she believed some one was there to understand her. Mona said, 'Hmmm' and put her face on her mother’s lap, that sends clear message to her mother.

Jegan was in his room for the full weekend. Didn’t go any where else, didn’t attend any calls except if it is from their parents and that too for few seconds. Even he didn’t attend his best friends calls.

Now it’s Monday which could be a life changing day for both Mona and Jegan.

Jegan entered the office first, he saw his friends both Ganesh and Aruna and immediately started telling them what happened and why he didn’t their calls. Both of them were little confused and Ganesh told, 'Hey first tell Mona about ur love, don’t think about her parents now. First confirm whether Mona loves u or not.'. Aruna also joined, ‘Yea I too agree. First tell Mona, let’s see the outcome. Don’t worry, today is the day and this is the moment. Grab it'.

All 3 searched for Mona, they went to cafeteria and to the bus drop points. They searched for sometime, they didn't find Mona anywhere. Jegan said, 'Perhaps she could be happy with what her father said. Is it?'. Ganesh replied, 'Hey fool. don’t think like tat. Call her and ask her where she is'.

Jegan took his mobile and was typing her no. while typing, Jegan got a message from Mona asking, 'U r in office only rite?'.

Jegan replied, 'Yea waiting for u only. Wer r u?'.

Mona, 'I ll reach office by 12'.

Aruna saw the first message from Mona and said, 'I m betting u she is also in love with u. her message asking “U r in office only rite”. She didn’t ask where r u and kinda things. She is asking directly. So she is in love with u.. '.

Ganesh said, 'Hmmm ponnunga ponnunga thaan.. enna research work' and he asked Jegan to come inside and stay calm and relax for some time.

Both Mona and Jegan were waiting for time to reach 12. They are feeling each and every second.

To their luck Mona reached office 15 mins earlier. She messaged Jegan and asked where he is. Jegan asked her to come in to cafeteria. As the time is 11.45 AM, only 2 to 4 people were in the cafeteria. Both Aruna and Ganesh wished Jegan Good luck.

Jegan telling himself, 'This is the moment tell it'.

Same time Mona telling herself, 'Mona u can do it, don’t worry and don’t afraid of any thing'.

Jegan saw Mona after the incident, Jegan asked Mona to take a seat. She silently took the seat offered by Jegan. Jegan seated adjacent to her.

Mona having her mobile in hand, she didn’t say any word and looking down. Jegan was holding a tumbler in his hand and didn’t say any word.

Both were in silence for few minutes. Both don’t know how to start with.

Jegan decided to break the silence, Jegan took Mona's right hand with his right hand. Mona was looking at him in much anticipation.

Jegan struggled for words and he finally said, 'Mona can I hold ur hands for my life time. Will u be with me for this life? Yes Mona I Love U. Will u accept me?'. Jegan after saying this he feels like this is the best thing ever he did in his life and he was looking at Mona.

Mona instead, these are the words she wants to tell to Jegan. She was in extreme pressure how to say this to him and she was not sure how Jegan will react to this.

Instead She didn’t tell any thing to him, she just burst in to tears and (Jegan sholderla saanchikitta)put her head in to Jegan's left shoulder and crying in satisfaction/happy.

Jegan was soooo happy , no words to explain this. His mind was freed and now he is ready to take on any one. He feels energetic; he wants to jump from building to building even he feeling to stand in front of a fast truck/against a ferocious bull.

Jegan but asked, 'Hey tell me in words mam... I don’t understand this... '.

Mona, 'Poda loosu'.

Jegan, 'Ulunga mariyathaiya pesu ini'.

Mona, 'Hmmm'.

Jegan then asked her to stop crying and said, 'u r beautiful. Life is beautiful'.

And Continued in his usual funny way, 'U will be more beautiful, if u wash ur face and come'.

Mona, 'Aiyo kadavule...' and she threw her hand bag on Jegan lap and went.

Both were so happy and Aruna and Ganesh as well. Both were watching this from some long distance. They come near Jegan place and said 'Congrats.. I told u na. We deserved a treat'.

Jegan said, 'U guys deserved more than this'. Both Jegan and Ganesh hugging each other. Jegan thanked Aruna like anything.

Mona came there and saw them at surprise. Aruna welcomed her, 'Hey Mona, thanks. Enga Jegan ah aza vidama akitta.. Sorry unga Jegana'. Aruna was laughing.

Ganesh said, 'U know from the day he meet u in train, he was killing us. Everyday he is telling Mona, mona mona'.

Jegan and Aruna Looking at him with eye brows raised. Ganesh asked thiruthirunu, 'Did I say some thing '.

Mona asked ' What' .

Aruna now started everything. Mona's face was happy at start, then happier, then happiest at last.

Both Mona and Jegan thanked Aruna and Ganesh, they ll feel like they are made for each other.

Journey continues......

Readers, I feel this is the toughest episode of all which I write till date. I tried to express Lots Of Valuable Emotions (LOVE). I would be very happy if I get comments for this, which will encourage me like anything...


Arun Rama Balan said...

Nice to read this da.. Keep continue the Journey da..

Aruen said...

When i read this , i didnt feel that am reading a story.I felt as if one of my close friend get suceeded in his love. "Mother knows all the move of their children" This line really nice and true one...

Anonymous said...

Wow!! especially the scene in which Jegan proposes.. was really romantic.. any guy/gal in love would love this scene lika anything.. awesome!!!

Aravind said...

Ur way of Love proposal really superb man... very romantic one.....

Esply...Jegan's words by holding Mona's hands,..... thn aft her green signal his asusual MOKKAIES... really nice.....

Vimal said...

Thanks a ton for ur comments guys.......

Anonymous said...

Thank God "the love is in the air".

Till now the story was predictable. So your story is in the unpredictable track and am happy to be surprised. Lets see how you take it further. The tamil dialogue makes the story as it happens nearby so hope people would be thinking that u r the one.....

Looking for the twist and turns.....all the best

Anonymous said...

Awesome man.. It has come out very well.. everything feels like its happenin in our cafeteria.. Ur narrations is good.. keep up d the good work.. eexpect more (romance ofcourse)

Prabhakaran said...

I heard that real feelings cant express in words.. but you made that words are wrong..