Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chennai Egmore – Journey 9

Jegan got up early and saw the good morning message from Mona, he all set for another exciting day with Mona. He started his bike, going pretty fast on the roads. While driving he started to observe natural things on the way, he watched the trees moving in the winds. He watched the school going kids boarding the bus and saw few kids cried and their mom trying to console the kids. Jegan thinks really cute. These scenes happen daily in this route. For him it appeared new.

Jegan reached the office and messaged Mona, ‘When u reach office?’

Mona replied, ‘On the way … in 15mins...’

Jegan went to rest room, washed his face and make sure he dressed neatly. He went to the cafeteria, got the foods. He is looking for a seat. There he saw Ganesh and Aruna who already came there early. So he rushed to their seat happily.

Jegan said, ‘Hey guys good morning, u guys came early today…’

Ganesh said, ‘Hey man Good morning’.

Aruna just glanced at Jegan.

Jegan told them immediately, ‘Hey yesterday Mona and me was on call for than 2 hours. I started to like her much. She is actually very good than I thought. I fell fantastic u know. Seems everything in life is new and beautiful. ‘

Ganesh just scratched his head. And Aruna didn’t reply either.

Meantime in Mona’s bus, her friend asked,’who is that?’ after seeing the message. Mona said, ‘He is Jegan; u might have seen him in office. I met him in the train. He is a nice guy, very funny. Our friendship is jus 2 days old’.

Her friend replied, ‘Oooooh k k’.

Mona, ‘Hey cha not like what u think. U also can talk to him ‘.

She replied, ‘Oh wat I think?? Ennaku vendam pa neeye pesiko’.

Both ended the conversation with smile.

Now bus reached office, Mona messaged Jegan, ‘Hey wer r u? I reached office..:-)’.

Jegan showed the message to his friends and replied, ‘In cafeteria, waiting for u… he he.. :-) ‘

Mona, ‘Mudila, Coming there’.

Jegan asked Aruna, ‘what happened you are very silent today. Are u ok?’.

Still no reply from Aruna, Ganesh jus told him, ‘She is having severe headache, we will talk it out later. Now we are going… bye’.

Jegan confused and asked, ’What to talk?’

Ganesh showed the entrance and said, ’Ur girl is coming alone.. We are leaving’.

Jegan, ‘I cant get wat u r saying. Anyway we will talk during break’.

Mona saw both Jegan friends were leaving. Mona got her food and come to Jegan seat and asked, ‘Y ur friends left after seeing me?’.

Jegan said, ‘Hey no, Aruna is having some headache seems so they went.’

Mona replied, ‘Ohh ok. Actually u didn’t introduce me to ur friends'.

Jegan replied, ‘Hmmm u want to talk to them ah.. It’s easy we all can ve lunch today. Ok?’.

Mona was happy, ‘Hmmm… :-)’.

Mona was smiling and said, ‘Hey my friend thinks we both loving each other. She saw ur message today and asked. Very funny na’.

Jegan had no words to say, he said ,’Yaaa yaaa’ and thinking her friend got it correctly, she is a stupid. Ila ellam therinchu theriyatha mathiri nadikirala…

Jegan asked, ‘Whats ur weekend plan?’.

Mona replied, ‘Weekend plan ah? Today is Tuesday still 3 days more na’.

Jegan, ‘Aiye. I know still 3 days left. Jus tell ur plan?’.

Mona said, ‘I m going home this weekend also.. :-) ‘.

Jegan, ‘Hey you went last week only rite. Again this week?’

Mona, ‘Hmmm.. Y I can’t go there ah? It’s my hometown. ‘.

Jegan replied, ‘Hmmm. Again same train?’.

Mona replied, ‘Yea’.

Now an idea struck Jegan’s Mind. He first met her in train, how about he expresses his love to her in train itself.

Jegan said, ‘Actually I am also going home this weekend.’

Mona surprised and asked, ‘ooh Y?’.

Jegan replied what Mona said earlier, ‘I m going to my hometown. Y I cant go there ah?’ with smile.

Mona, ‘Ssshh.. ‘.

Jegan want to give some reason and said, ‘k k. One marriage function, so going there’.

Mona asked, ‘Wat?... Marriage? In this month.. Excuse me in this month people normally wont schedule any marriages..’.

Jegan vaziyiran, And said, ‘Ohh is it. Then I don’t know. My mother asked me to come. So I m going’.

Mona smiled and first time she caught Jegan and said, ‘OK’.

Both finished their breakfast by the time and went to their seats. Jegan immediately planned to book tatkal tickets tomorrow. He called his friend who is having net facility and asked him to book the ticket and asked him to book ticket only on that train. His friend asked him to remind him tomorrow. So he set remainder in his mobile.

Jegan entered his bay and went to aruna place and asked, ‘Have u taken medicine? R u fine? Else we can go to doctor now’.

She finally spoke to Jegan, ‘no need. I m ok’.

Jegan asked, ‘Hey Mona wants to meet both u and Ganesh. I told her we can have lunch nu. R u fine with this? Ganesh saw both were talking and came to that place and straight away asked, ‘Seems like the cat and rat fights are over’.

Jegan looked surprised and asked, ‘What u said? Fight ah?’.

Ganesh thinks ‘Oooh hoo.. Naana than sollitena’ and looks back at Aruna and said, ‘Sorry I don’t know what u both spoke?’

Jegan asked, ‘What u guys are speaking. I don’t understand’.

Aruna said, ‘hey u both go to ur seats, we talk later.’

Ganesh said, ‘Hey Aruna its time to talk. Sorry’.

Jegan said, ‘Wat. Did I do anything wrong?’.

Now Aruna was really angry and asked, ‘What ? u r asking what u did?’. Ganesh prefers to watch this and hopes it comes to conclusion.

Aruna started blasting Jegan, what u think of us? That day u didn’t talk to us properly. I was almost begging u to speak. You didn’t say a word and once mona come and talked with u, u r speaking, and u forgot us and u didn’t talk to us. And Now too u ve come and talking to us since Mona wants to meets us. And for formally u r asking how I am feeling..’

Aruna just went wild and continued questioning Jegan.

Jegan stopped Aruna and said, ‘hey u both know me na. U and Ganesh are the guys who know me better than anyone else. Even I don’t have any friends in office beside u. How u guys can think I m going out of you. Hey Ganesh u too. ‘.

Now silence between them…………..

Jegan said, ‘Sorry guys I can see from ur side. How big the mistake was. I am so sorry’.

Aruna still not pleased.

Ganesh just placed his one hand on Jegan Shoulder and asked Aruna, ‘Hey Aruna come on yaar He realized and asking Sorry na. ‘.

Aruna after few seconds of silence said, ‘I don’t want ur sorry and puri. Jus know the importance of us’.

Ganesh said, ‘Ssshhh happa mudiyala… enna importance ohhh’.
Now all smiled and Jegan politely asked, ‘Excuse me sir, mam.. can both of join for lunch?’.

Aruna said, ‘hmmm.. sure’.

Ganesh said, ‘Yea very much. Hey ask her to come with her friend. She is cute ‘.

Aruna, ‘Alaiyatha Ganesh… :-)’

Jegan said about his weekend plan. Ganesh said, ‘Good Man, Way to go!’

Lunch came all had a happy lunch. Jegan as usual wondering how beautiful Mona was.

Later he continued his late night mobile calls and messages. Days went on like this…

And now its Friday, Jegan planned to express his love on that day; Mona was on leave that day. Jegan called her and asked, ‘Hey u going to home tonight right?’ Mona said, ‘Yea Coming’.

Jegan can hear break in Mona’s voice and asked, ‘R u ok?’

She told him that she is suffering from fever. Jegan was little worried and told her take care.

Jegan got a tatkal ticket to travel. Evening he went to the railway station and directly went to Mona’s coach. There he saw her dull. He bought her a water bottle and biscuit. She said thank u. He exchanged the tickets with the guy who was next to Mona’s seat. He talked to her for few minutes. He decided it’s not the right time to tell about his love.

Then Jegan told Mona, ‘If u want anything just ask me. Ok?’.

Mona Said, ‘Sure. Now I want to sleep’.

Jegan helped Mona to sleep, he moved her bag and gave his pillow to her and asked her to sleep.

Jegan was sleeping opposite to Mona seat. Mona was impressed with Jegan’s Caring nature.

Morning Jegan woke up earlier and saw Mona sleeping. His station came, he woke Mona and said, ‘My station has come I am leaving, Inform me yaar, after u reach’. And worriedly went home.

Jegan was worried and thinking about Mona all time. Later on Sunday Mona called Jegan and said, ‘I am now 100% fit’.

Jegan said, ‘Ohh gr8 to hear.’

Mona said, ‘Ok I will see u later today. Hope u r are also in the same train isn’t it?’

Jegan Said, ‘Hmm yea’. Both ended the calls.

Jegan was little nervous and excited and decided to tell the love to her. He was little worried if she will never talk to him again. He decided better to tell the truth instead of hiding.

Time went Jegan was tensed and waiting for the train. Train entered the station and Jegan heartbeat was raising and he boarded the train with the hope of saying the love.

Will he???????

Journey continues…………

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