Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chennai Egmore – Journey 8

Jegan was in cloud nine and he went straight to his place with all smiles on his face. He just cherishes those moments for few minutes. Now the time is 4.30 PM, he got the appointment to meet Mona at 6.30PM. Before that he wants to complete the pending works. So Jegan started working. He not even thought about his friends.

Ganesh watched all this. He was excited and pinged Aruna, ‘Hey have a look at him. Jegan has gone mad’.

Aruna replied angrily, ‘He is not respecting us. Don’t talk about him. We asked him to be normal from morning. He is not listening to us. Suddenly when Mona came and told, he become happy. Then why are we here as friends? See even now he didn’t talk to us‘.

Ganesh watched all this and blinking. Ganesh thought ippo thaaan onnu mudinchathu athukulla innona…

Ganesh tried to calm her, ‘Ok. I ll talk to him. Relax.’

Aruna again angrily replied, ‘What u mean by Relax’.

Ganesh was now exhausted and said to himself, ‘Sssshhhh mudiyala’, and he didn’t reply Aruna.

Time passed by, for Jegan time passed slowly. Now the clock shows 6.25 PM. Jegan decided to go. Both Ganesh and Aruna were also getting started to go home. Jegan come to their place and said , ‘Bye guys. Catch u tomorrow’ and went away. Ganesh don’t know what to do. Aruna gave ganesh a starry look.

Ganesh better prefers to avoid eye contact and said to himself, ‘Pogum pothu chumma povana.. atha vittutu… ‘. Ganesh said, ‘Lets go’.

Now Jegan moves into the romantic area in his office. A place where already few couples, few friends were chatting. He called Mona and asked her to come to that place. Mona said give me 5 minutes I ll come there. Mona’s bus starts by 7.00 PM sharply. So Jegan knows he only has few minutes to talk.

Jegan was waiting impatient. Time tickles. Now its 6.45PM, He gave a call to Mona, Mona cut the call. Jegan don’t know what to do but he has to wait.

Jegan while waiting he was thinking, in all cinemas heroines are the one who will wait for heroes to come. Hero always comes late. But in his case it is happening vice versa. Time now 6.55 PM, Jegan almost lost his hope that Mona won’t come. He slowly started moving…

There he saw Mona was coming towards him.

“If this situation happens in Tamil movie the next scene would be a song. On thinking of a song here, for me, Thuli Thuli Mazhaiyaai vanthalay song from Paiyaa came into my mind. But this incident happened long back, I don’t know if any song striked Jegan’s mind or not”

She was walking fast holding her handbag in her hand. She came near to Jegan. Before Jegan opened his mouth, Mona said, ‘Sorry sorry I made you wait for so long’.
Jegan said, ‘hey. No Problem’

Mona breathing heavily and she started to scold his manager for giving late assignments at EOD.

Jegan was not listening to her. Only she is doing all the talking.

Then Jegan stopped her and asked, ‘When ur bus starts?’.

Mona, ‘OMG. Its already late’.

Both moving towards the bus, She asked, ‘How u go? yar’.

Jegan replied, ‘by Bike’.

Mona replied, ‘Good’.

Mona got the bus, and now she asked, ‘hey u said u wanted to talk something na,’

Jegan said, ‘Hmmm… At least now u asked. Nothing important. Jus wanted to talk’

Mona was little worried and said, ‘Hey I m really sorry yar’

Jegan said, ‘Its ok. Jus go home’.

Mona was not satisfied and again asked sorry. By seeing her worried face, Jegan smiled a little and said, ‘Hey its ok. Jus go home safely’.

Mona said, ‘I call u later tonight. Plz don’t mind. Bye’.

Jegan said, ‘Ya sure bye’.

Bus started moving and as so Jegan. Aruna watched Jegan speaking to Mona, and messaged Ganesh, ‘Look what is he doing. ’

Ganesh replied, ‘What? Where?’. Aruna said, ‘He is going behind Mona’s bus. Asinga paduthuran’.

Ganesh happily asked, ‘Is it?’.

Aruna, ‘Poda loose. Unkitta sonnen paaru’.

Ganesh smiled after seeing this message. But he knows Aruna was angry.

Jegan started his bike and went to his home fast. Mona was little worried since she made Jegan wait. After many minutes both reached home. By the time Jegan finished his dinner, time reaches 9 PM. He called his mother and talked to her for some routines. It is a normal routine for bachelor guys who are staying away from home. Then he started chatting with his friends very happily and cracking jokes.

At around 10 PM, his mobile ringed. One of Jegan roommate was playing with his mobile. He saw the name appearing and asked, ‘who is tat Monaaaa da?’

Jegan immediately picked the mobile from his friend and went upstairs. Mona immediately said, ‘Hey I m sorry’. Jegan said, ‘hey no probs. Nothing jus wanted to talk with you that’s it’.

Mona asked, ‘hmm.. Ok now talk.’

Jegan just wanted to spend time with her; he has no questions to ask. So he asked, ‘How was the day?’

Mona replied, ‘this what u want to ask ah? For this u waited?’.

She laughed and continued, ‘hey sorry, its ok, not many work.’
Jegan, ‘hmm’.

Mona asked, ‘Hey u were alone when u waits for me. Y u didn’t bring any of ur friends?’
Jegan, ‘U was also came alone, did I ask you Y?’

Mona knows Jegan caught her. She just said nothing. Then they continued talking. Both started to know each other. Both talked about daily happenings, many jokes shared as Jegan a humorous guy.

Time was ticking fast. Now the time reaches 12, Mona said she feel sleepy. So Jegan wished her good night. Both agreed for a lunch tomorrow and ended up the call.

Jegan with full enthusiasm entered the room. He also knew that his friends will start questioning him a lot. As his thoughts, There he saw his friends were waiting for him. All asked who is tat da? . He jus told, ‘No guys I just went upstairs to count the stars.’

His roommates asked, “counting stars ahaa? “ poda !@#$$@#*………

Jegan went to sleep and all others are started making fun of him.

For Mona, this was not the case. Since girls are smart enough to talk over phone silently without others noticing it.

Jegan knows it is too early to come out of the Friends Zone. Will he come out early??

Since some reader wanted to know the climax very early, for them we are ending this with SJ Surya style, ‘Let’s watch the play’ :-)

Journey continues………….


Gangaram said...

Nice Episode... day by day your narration getting improved..
Even I am also one among the reader who is waiting for the next episode...

Anonymous said...

Wen is the next journey dude...