Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chennai Egmore – Journey 10

Jegan boarded in the train. He messaged Mona saying after TTE comes and checks, I will come to ur seat. Jegan is preparing himself for the moment of his life. Jegan is practicing the words to be used. He was also little worried about how Mona will react. Jegan decided to go by “Fortunes favors the brave ;-) ”. He also got the gut feeling that Mona will accept. But Jegan feels butterflies flying in his stomach, he is breathing faster, biting down his nails. This is getting even worse when TTE entered the compartment. TTE asking for the Ticket, he is showing his License. When TTE again asked, he gave him the ticket. His mind is not listening to TTE at all.

Once TTE went, he took long breath and started walking slowly towards Mona’s seat. He was thinking like, can he open the conversation by saying love? Or after few mins of normal talk can he say love? He decided to go for the second option.

Jegan entered her compartment and peeped thru entrance. He saw Mona standing there. Jegan took all his courage and went near Mona’s place. Mona smiled at him and invites him. Jegan with little nervous entered her cabin and he was silenced and stunned by what he saw there.

Any Guess?????





Mona welcomed Jegan and she introduced Jegan to her parents. Jegan has no words. Jegan thinks of a famous scene in movies, birds stop flying, sea waves stop waving. Jegan was initially disappointed and in few minutes he found the humor in it and starts to enjoy the moment.

Mona introduced Jegan to her father as he is my friend; we are working in the same office. She didn’t tell many since she assumed her father don’t like this all. Mona’s father asked Jegan about his professional life, his education, his native. Jegan politely answered all his queries. Jegan saw Mona sitting very close to her mother. Her mother was very silent so he asked, ‘How are you aunty?’ She replied, ‘I m good’. Mona said,’ I love my mother so much’.

Jegan asked Mona’s father about the reason for their travel. He said that they r going to attend a marriage in vizag. So they ll be in Chennai for 2 days and then from there they will be going to vizag for a week. Jegan asked, ‘Mona also joining?’

Mona father said, ‘We also asked her to join. But she said she has some important work in office’.

Jegan said, ‘Oooh fine’. He was happy for Mona not attending the marriage.

The thing about boys is even if they didn’t give respect to their relatives, they ll give importance to their friends family. Also if he is a guy from south tamilnadu, then will give so much respect, care and love. These guys will be one member of their family in just few minutes. Same thing happened to Jegan also. He was talking to Mona father as casual. Even Mona was surprised by his father. She thought her father won’t like her talking to guys.

Mona’s mother interrupted and said, ‘her father will continue talk like this, if he found any guy. So can we sleep’?

Jegan said, ‘No problem aunty, uncle was talking nice things only.’ Jegan was trying to impress Mona’s father, filling every gap he got. Mona’s father said, ‘She ll be like this pa’.

This conversation was ended happily. Jegan told good night to all and messaged Mona ‘Good night’ and went to his seat. Mona replied, ‘U r amazing, Good night’.

Jegan felt happy. He began the travel in a dream of getting a place in Mona’s heart instead he got a place in her family. Even he lost one; he got another which he never thought of.

Jegan slept happy and he woke up late in the morning, he found many left the train. So he got up and went home.

In the morning, in office he narrated the incident to Aruna and Ganesh. He told them how he felt before going to Mona’s seat. With all excitement both Ganesh and Aruna asked, ‘Have u told ur love?’.

Jegan smiled and said, ‘there I saw her parents’.

Both blasted out to loud laugh and laughing like anything. Ganesh was laughing and said, ‘Rasana keta Mammy Daddys ;-)’. All 3 were laughing for some time. Then Aruna said, ‘that’s Y u should ask for our help’. Ganesh just keep on laughing whenever he looked at Jegan and said, ‘I m thinking how u would react in that situation. Very funny da’.

Jegan said, ‘Next time I ll take chances at correct time’.

That day went quietly as Mona left early from office to see his mom and dad. No calls and messages too.

Next day both Mona and Jegan were having lunches. At that time Mona phone ringed, she got a call from her father that Mona’s mother was not well. She needs medical attention. On hearing this, Mona got nervous, tensed and sweat a lot. She asked, ‘what happened?’ Her father replied, ‘hey she is ok. She got a fever and jus vomiting.’ Mona asked, ‘Y suddenly, did she eat something in the morning?’

Jegan on seeing Mona tensed, he asked for the mobile.

Mona gave him the mobile. Jegan asked her father, where he is staying? And Mona father replied the place. He thought for a second, and asked them to go to a particular hospital nearby. Also told, ‘we will be there in an hour or so’. Jegan asked Mona to get her things and come. He told her, ‘We shall go in my bike.’ Mona, ‘In bikeeeeeeee’.

Jegan said, ‘Ok u come in auto rickshaw I follow u’. Mona didn’t reply. Jegan called Ganesh and asked him to inform the PM that he is leaving now. Ganesh asked for the reason, for that he told he will later.

Jegan got an auto and told Mona, ‘Hey don’t worry.. I talked to ur father, he told its jus normal’. Mona angrily replied, ‘Don’t say it’s normal’. Jegan has no words and asked the auto driver to go first and he ll follow the auto.

Auto went through the heavy traffic of Chennai and reached the hospital by almost 3 o clock. Jegan gave the amount for auto and both entered the hospital. There Mona went straight to her mother and asked how she is now. Her mother said, ‘I am good. Why u come here from ur works and u also bring Jegan too’. Mona, ‘No ma once I heard u r not well na, I m worried’. Mona’s eyes become wet and drops of tears come out. Jegan saw this and liked this and smiled little. Mona father told Jegan, ‘Sorry Jegan, ur work has been spoiled by us’. Jegan replied, ‘No problem uncle’.

Jegan asked, ‘What doctor told? Is she ready to travel tonight?’.

Mona father said, ‘Yea he told no problem’. Tat time a nurse came and gave them the prescription sheet and asked to buy this. Jegan and Mona’s father went to medical shop in the hospital, bought the medicines and before Mona’s father pay the bill, he stopped him and said he ll pay this.

They all stayed there in hospital for another 30 minutes and started moving to the hotel they stayed. Mona’s parents have their train at 9 PM. Jegan helped them in all ways, jus he took care of them as if they are his parents. By 8.15 they reached the station and the train was already there.

Mona was talking busy with her parents; Jegan was standing aside with few feet’s separates them. He doesn’t want to disturb them. He took his mobile and seeing the screen as it he was busy. Mona looked at Jegan when ever possible.

Now their parents boarded the train and both of them said Thanks to Jegan. Jegan replied i was happy to help you. Mona father said, ‘U treated us like our son pa. So thanks a lot’.

Jegan thinking kizhanchathu poo… enna koduma ithu..

Jegan said, ‘I ll do whatever for my friend’

Train started moving and Mona just waving her hands till they lost the sight. Once they gone, Mona looked back and saw Jegan there. She come close to him and said, ‘Thanks a lot, U don’t know how I love my mother. If anything happens to her I ll be like this. Sorry I scolded u’.

Jegan said, ‘No its ok. Even I shouldn’t have told that’.

Mona, ‘No probs. I thought u ll be a lazy guy but u r actually good’.

Jegan, ‘Ooh is it.. luckily I was there when ur father called’.

Mona, ‘Oh Y?’.

Jegan, ‘If I was not there with u, I might not come with you. If I missed tat opportunity, I might ve missed that beautiful nurse’.

Mona, ‘Ada paavi.’

Both come out of the station, Jegan was about to catch an auto for Mona. Mona stopped and said, ‘Drop me in ur bike’. Jegan replied, ‘Is tat fine?’.

Mona replied, ‘Hmmm’. Jegan was so delighted (No reasons required).

Jegan started the bike and come to where Mona standing, Mona asked him, ‘How much u spend today? My father told u only paid the medical bills, call taxi bills and even the auto bill.’

Jegan replied, ‘Jus leave it mam’.

Mona told, ‘No tell me, I ll give u’. Jegan smiled and asked her to get on in to the bike. Mona again said, ‘Thanks a lot for ur timely help. If u couldn’t there, dono how I would have managed’.

Jegan said, ‘comon mam, u r saying this second time. And u r making me **********’.

Mona said, ‘U know what my father said. He now feels very confident that I m having a good guy like u.’

Jegan, ‘Oh Really’.

Mona, ‘Hmmm.yep.’.

Saying this both started moving, Jegan was driving the bike slowly. His few mins of driving Jegan reached Mona’s place. Mona said thanks again. Jegan said, ‘Plz mam jus go’.

Mona entered her room and she was dreaming all that night about Jegan. She got a feel like, ‘Do I love him?’ Only last week she told her bus friend that both were friends only. But by seeing the activities of Jegan and his kindness and his care he showed towards her, she knows she is losing her to Jegan slowly.

She is now dreaming, whether Jegan also feels the same? Or he just sees me as a friend.

Mona decided Jegan was not just a friend anymore.

Journey continues…………


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Dude... Read all the journies... nice... am waiting for the next journey to happen!!!

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Thanks a lot dude... Next journey will be soon.......