Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chennai Egmore – Journey 7

Since T20 cricket at its best, also bcoz of work and other activites, it has taken long time for the next journey. Sorry readers… Those who forgot the story, Please spend few mins reading the previous journeys.

Now the journey continues……..

Jegan went to his desk and was thinking about Mona and that guy. Both Aruna and Ganesh followed him; they went straight to Jegan’s desk to talk to him. But unfortunately their PM called Jegan and Ganesh for an urgent meeting and both went to the meeting room. There Ganesh noticed Jegan not listening to the meeting, he was clearly disturbed.

Once the meeting was over, Jegan went to back his seat. It’s almost lunch time. Ganesh went to Aruna’s desk and he told Aruna about Jegan. Both went to his desk and Ganesh asked, ‘Hey man, what happened? Normally you crack jokes at meeting. Today u were very silent.’

Aruna, ‘what da? Don’t be like this. Be normal. Everything is gonna be ok. Come lets go for lunch’.

All 3 went to cafeteria. There they saw Mona and that guy standing in the queue. Mona unintentionally turned back, she caught Jegan standing in the queue. She waved her hands and said hi to Jegan. Jegan just reply her by jus saying hi. Mona was confused that “is this the same Jegan she met in train”.

Mona got the food and seated. Jegan and his friends also got the food, Mona called Jegan to come and have lunch with her. Jegan not interest since that guy was seated there. He just signaled Mona that he will share the lunch with his friends. Mona with a disappointing face shook her head.

Everyone had normal lunch. Jegan and friends finished eating and went to wash hands. That time, Mona too came, and went near Jegan and asked, ‘hello…. U remember me?? ‘.

Jegan replied, ‘Hmmm… How is the day ?’. She said, ‘Yea, good. What happened to you?’

Before Jegan replying Aruna and Ganesh entered. And Aruna asked, ‘Hey Mona. sorry to disturb you we are Jegan’s friends, I m Aruna, he is Ganesh’.

Mona, ‘No prob. Hi. I am Mona, hope Jegan might have told about me’

Aruna said, ‘Hmm.. yea. From morning he is telling about you’

Mona don’t know what to tell jus asked, ‘what did he tell?’.

Jegan starring at Aruna. Aruna understood that and said, ‘No. I m jus kidding. Jegan just said he met you in train’.

Mona told, ‘Ooh okk.’

Jegan cut the conversation and said, ‘Guys we got a call now, we need to go now. Sorry Mona I catch u later’. But Actually there was no call… Jegan lied.

Aruna invited Jegan and Ganesh thru office communicator and angrily asked, ‘Jegan. R u mad? Why u lied we have a call? What happened to you’

There were no replies from Jegan. Aruna kept asking questions, ‘Mona was talking to you, you didn’t reply her.’

Ganesh replied, ‘Yea u even not allowed me to speak with Mona ;)’

Aruna replied, ‘Ganesh I m speaking serious, stop ur Mokkai’s’.

Ganesh said, ‘okkk’.

Till No reply from Jegan, Aruna was getting angry and asking him to reply. Ganesh understand the situation and replied, ‘Hey lets stop this here, and we will talk later’.

Time passed, clock ticked. Time is now 4.30 PM. Ganesh went to Aruna’s desk and Jegan desk and asked them to go for a break. Ganesh said to Aruna, ‘Be calm, don’t explode if he is not talking properly.’ Aruna stared at Ganesh.

All went to cafeteria, got coffee. No words spoken. Suddenly Mona entered cafeteria, and saw Jegan seated. She went straight to their place and asked, ‘Can I join u guys?’

Ganesh replied, ‘Ya plz take a seat.’ And thinking, ‘vaa ma vaa. Unnala than inga evanum pesa matran, nee veraya.

Mona said, ‘Hey Jegan, today I told about you to my friend.’

Jegan raised his elbow, ‘oh what he told’.

Mona said, ‘You know him right. You guys know each other from college days na’.

Jegan replied, ‘hmm… yea’

Ganesh thinking, ‘Oh what is gonna happen now’.

Mona continued, ‘seems both had some war in college days. Also he said he wants to forget everything and said you are good guy. You speak from heart’.

Now Jegan feels , ‘wow!! Whats going on here’. He was refreshed and smiling (the thing that he forgot till morning).

And replied, ‘Ohhh really. He is also a good guy’. Ganesh silently told Aruna, ‘Nalla vazliyuran’. No reply from Aruna. Ganesh thinks, ‘Hmmm one problem over and another starts’.

Aruna said, ‘Hey me and Ganesh have some work, we gotta go, u guys continue’. Both left.

Jegan now was happy and asked Mona , ‘Did you forgot something?’

Mona asked, ‘What?’

Jegan, ‘You said u will answer my question today in office’.

Mona thinking what Jegan asked in train and now she got it, ‘hmmm… you asked about my marriage plan rite’.

Jegan, ‘Come on tell yaar’.

Mona asked, ‘Y u want to know? ‘.

Jegan said, ‘hmmm. Nee rombaaa azaga iruka, pinnadi use agalamla…..’

Mona, ‘You never stop joking ah… Mostly I may get married next year. My father is already looking for a good boy.’

Jegan said, ‘Ithuku thaaan intha buildup. Naan kuda vero etho ninaichen’.

Mona, ‘Hmmm’.

Jegan asked, ‘You go by what your father says ah, you don’t ve any ideas like love’.

Mona smiled and said, ‘Big no. ’

Jegan thinks, ‘Ooh god. How am I gonna feel my love’.

Jegan asked, ‘Y u don’t believe in love?’

Mona said, ‘Not like that. I don’t want love. I feel my parents will get me a perfect guy’.

Jegan with no words to tell jus said, ‘Oooh good’.

Mona said, ‘okie I gotta go. See u later.’

Jegan said, ‘If u don’t mind, can we talk in evening before u go’.

Mona said, ‘Ok, I call you before i start’.

Mona was happy since Jegan asked this and more importantly about love.

Jegan also happily went to his seat and looking for his friends which he forgot for few minutes. Not knowing how his friends reacting especially Aruna…. :-)

Journey continues…………

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