Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chennai Egmore – Journey 6

Both Jegan and Mona reached the station by 6 AM. Mona went to Jegan place to know what he is doing. To her surprise, Jegan was awake and was putting shoe lace. Jegan looked up and saw Mona, she was looking fresh, beautiful with loose hairs (Perhaps she want to look beautiful to Jegan) and greet him with a smile. Jegan was happy that Mona came to wake him up.

Train reached the station; Jegan helped Mona to move her luggage out of the train. Jegan was more curious to know abt Mona’s marriage plan. He thought of asking, but wanted Mona to tell herself so he didn’t ask. Then both said ‘bye’ and went in opposite direction to their home. Mona stayed in ladies hostel. Jegan was with his friends in rented a home.

Jegan reached home by 6.30 AM, he want to see Mona again. Remember he met the girl just half an hour ago. Whenever Jegan comes from his native he used to go to office late after taking rest for few hours, but not today. He then got ready to go to office. He weared one of his best shirt, he even polished the shoe which normally he wont. Jegan started doing activities, which he normally won’t. He used to go to office, by office bus. His office is far away from the city. It is 15kms away from his home. Jegan got the bus, listening to songs. Due to traffic and all bus takes at least 45 mins to reach his office. His excitement level was up.

Jegan reached office, went straight to cafeteria. He then bought a plate of idly and vada and took a corner seat in the cafeteria. Jegan knows Mona would come any time to cafeteria. Today he wants to admire her beauty (Sight adika poran). This is not the first time Jegan is going to see Mona, he saw her many times before that. But this time, Jegan feels Mona as a special girl. Jegan started eating idly’s slowly.

After few minutes, the cafeteria door opened and Jegan eyes wide opened (As in romantic movies). Mona entered the cafeteria with 2 of her friends. Since Jegan seated in the corner she didn’t notice him and went straight to the counter. Now Jegan stopped eating and start admiring Mona. Mona weared Red colored chudithar with matching ear rings as all girls love to do. Mona knotted her hair as a perfect homely girl. Her queue moved slowly and in few minutes she bought idly’s and seated with her friends. All this minutes, Jegan with his mouth opened, was looking at Mona only.

Suddenly someone from back hit Jegan’s head. Jegan angrily looked back. It was his close friend Aruna. Jegan said “Oh u only ya. Sit down”

Aruna with big smile,‘ What the hell r u doing here, u never come early to office and where r u looking at with ur mouth wide opened??’

Jegan with smile replied, ‘Go and take ur food. I will tell you’.

Aruna replied, ’Hmmm sure something interesting’.

Jegan and Aruna were very good friends. Jegan know her for past one year both from same team. Both used to share many including personal things. Aruna and one more guy Ganesh helped Jegan in initial stage of his project career. This is how all 3 become close friends.

Now Aruna come and sat opposite to Jegan and asked,’Hey tell what happened, whether u got engaged in home town :-) ??‘ With smile.

Jegan said, ‘Hmmm.. noo.. just move away, I want to see my girl’ with grinned smile..

Aruna said, ‘Wat? Come again wat u said??’.

Jegan replied, ‘Hmmm.. Nothing. Just turn back and look at the red chudi girl seated at second row’.

Aruna immediately turned back and found her then said, ‘Oh Mona va… Now tell me why u said she is ur girl?? ‘

Jegan said, ‘Oh her name is Mona ah!! How do u know.??’.

Aruna replied, ‘Heyyy loose.. First answer my question’,

Aruna saw Jegan, he was smiling and looking up and down. This is the first time she saw Jegan reacting like that. Then she smiled (Nakkala Sirikira) looking at him and asked, ‘Hello man. What happened? I never seen u like this’.

Now Jegan explained all those things happened from Journey 1 to journey 5. Time passed, Aruna patiently listening to him without asking any questions. Jegan completed Narrating this incidents with lot of excitement and in the middle he paused and looked somewhere.

Aruna looked at the direction where Jegan is looking, there she saw Mona finished her breakfast and walking with her friends. Aruna put her hand on her head and thinking, ‘ Sutham… Enna Koduma sir ithu’. Aruna waved her hands in front of Jegan’s face. Jegan came to normal state and once again smiling and continue the story.

Jegan then stopped the story at last. Aruna looking at Jegan face and asked, ‘U fell in love with Mona, This is what u want to convey me??’.

Jegan said, ‘Hmmm’..

Jegan asked Aruna, ‘Atleast now tell how u know her name?’.

Aruna said, ‘One of my college mate was in her project. She told about her once. She told Mona was a good girl’. Jegan was happy hearing those words.

Aruna then called Ganesh. Jegan asked, ‘Who u calling?? Ganesh?’. Aruna said, ‘Yep’. Jegan replied, ‘Hey no plz he will laugh at this’.

Aruna said, ‘I don’t care’.

Ganesh Picked the call. Aruna asked him, ‘When will u come to office?’

Ganesh: I am on the way na. Why anything important?

Aruna: Nothing. You know Jegan is in office today now.

Ganesh: What. So soon?

Aruna: Yea lot of surprises awaiting for u. Lovenu solran, Vetka Paduran, Engeyo parkiran ennanamo pesuran’.

Ganesh: shockingly asked: What? namma Jegan aha?

This time Jegan picked the mobile from Aruna and said, ‘Nothing da. She lied. Come to office. Will tell all’ and cut the call and asked Aruna, ‘R u happy now?’. Both smiled and went to their cubicle.

Ganesh came to office and Late all 3 went to have a coffee. That time Aruna told all the things to Ganesh. Both laughed at him. Jegan tried to stop everything but cant. That time Mona also came to have coffee. Aruna saw her and told Jegan, ‘Ur gal is coming?’ with smile. Ganesh curiously asked where. Since he don’t know who Mona was.

Jegan saw Mona as was walking with a guy. Both were joking and laughing. Jegan had some bad memories with that guy in their college days. Yes both are college mates and both had many fights. Now Jegan thinking, is he Mona’s boy friend? Or just friend?. Even if he is her friend, what will he tell to Mona if he knows about me. Even if he tells Mona how she will react …

Jegan was thinking about it. Aruna asked, ‘what are thinking, go and talk to her na’.

Jegan replied, ‘No not this time’ and left immediately to his cubicle.

Aruna and Ganesh staring at each other, both don’t know what to do and left to their cubicle.

Will that guy be a Villan in the story???

Journey continues…………

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