Saturday, April 3, 2010

Neeya Naana

Last week Vijay TV’s Neeya Naana topic was with mobile phones –“ how people use mobile phones”. As you all know Gopinath will run the show well, the same way it went very well.

I liked the topic very much and got many interesting facts about mobile usage. IPL 20-20 match between Deccan Chargers vs Mumbai Indians was going on in Parallel. I want to see the match. The speech by people in the show was very good. I was changing my TV channel back and forth.

Ring Tone – “we keep our ring tone as we wish” was the justification given by one team but the other team told, in public places it is not good have it. It distracts other very much. When you are in a meeting keeping a loud ring tone will not be good.

Then topic went on to messages. One side started with telling – people send message simply for no reason. Forwarding message is very bad, just they have 1000 messages free per day, they send messages. One important point I got here was that, Forwarding messages like “Fwd this message to 10 people. If do so, you will get good things happen soon” – people fwd these type of useless message and make only service providers be good. One more thing is “simply sending O- (negative) blood needed”. One person justified that this is too a fake one. One person exposed very well telling "Shakespeare மச்சான் மாரி தத்துவம் அனுப்புவாங்க. நம்மக்கு தெரியும் அவங்க யாருநு"

Break – I switched to the IPL match and Deccan’s were playing very bad. I still had hope that they will win. Then switched back to Vijay TV.

Now, it is the actual start. Gopinath, just asked, “ on a day how many hours you speak continuously”. A guy told he has spoke for 7 hours continuously. Gopinath’s next question to him was “ Is it a girl ?” ;-)…. He told yes. Other people started telling they speak 2 hours, 1 hour, etc. But the point the opposite team told was very valid “ they will speak nothing important”. On account of this answer, Gopinath asked “what is the thng you get out it”. I can’t believe this, a girl answered, “my communication is getting increased by this”………

All in a sudden the topic went on to cell phone count. For that too, you will not believe this, another girl told , she has 25 cell phones. For this Gopinath also told the Team validated this and she had 25 cell phones.

Break – Went back to IPL. Deccan’s wickets were falling down…. Even then “Rohit Sharma” was struggling. I lost my hope here.

Then the show went with judges. Gopinath started asking them “How can people be safe with their mobile phones”. They list the below points

1. Keep your mobile phones safe and have your IME number noted.
2. Don’t keep your personnel photos and videos in the mobile.
3. Don’t write any mobile number in paper. Like where ever you stay (Hotels, etc).
4. If you get a call or irrelevant message from an unknown number, take immediate action.

Finally the show ended with நிகழ்சியில் பங்கேற்ற அனைவர்க்கும் கோபிநாத்இன் நெஞ்சார்ந்த.........................................

My thought on mobile usage is - we will use our mobile as mobile, not as a organ of our body. We shall use all the feature in the mobile, let not get addicted to it. Finally, we should not take mobile phone as an status issue.

Switched back to IPL……;-)