Monday, March 15, 2010

Chennai Egmore – Journey 1

Every day we work on our office timings. We go to office in the morning and come back home during evenings. The work we do makes us to live a scheduled life. In cities like Chennai it is very true. In Chennai, Many bachelors live in suite. They have lot of friend in the suite and even in the work place. Even they have lot people there, when weekends comes, they plan to go to their native places and enjoy with their family. Below consequence happened to a guy Jegan who travels back to his native from chennai to enjoy a weekend.

Time is nearly 5:00 PM, even having some pending task to be completed in office; Jegan managed to leave office since it is a Friday that he has planned to go to his native. Jegan left office and was traveling to chennai egmore station to catch his train. There was lot of traffic in the roads since it was a weekend. Thoughts we running in Jegan’s mind that, whether he will catch the train. Normally Jegan travels with one of his friend to his native. This time he has to travel alone since his friend was busily tied up with work.

Finally, he got in to the train just 5 mins before the departure. He was hungry but managed. There was lot of co-passengers moving here and there in the train. He spotted out his berth and got settled for the trip. Jegan was thinking his journey might be bored since his friend was not with him. The train started and most of the people settled by.

Jegan took a side-glance in the compartment and noticed a face that he has often seen before, but could remember where exactly is. Yes it was a girl. Jegan looked a couple of times to identify her. But she didn’t notice Jegan looking her. Jegan's mind was anxious to speak to her. But at the same time he was bit concerned too. So he didn’t speak …………

Journey continues………….

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