Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chennai Egmore – Journey 3

Mona berth is lower near to the entrance of the compartment. Since there was only 15 mins to Jegan’s native, Jegan decided to take his luggage near the entrance. Keeping his luggage down, Jegan sat in the edge of Mona’s berth. But he didn’t want to make her awake. The big horn sound from the train disturbed Mona. In the drowsy state Mona moved her legs and it accidentally hit Jegan (That was a luck for Jegan). Mona woke up and told sorry to Jegan. The immediate word came from Jegan was “No Problem, you carry on”. Mona asked Jegan, “Where are we?” He told Good Morning, the place was near his native and he will reach home in 15 mins. Mona with a astonish smile told “ oh! I slept too long”. During that time a guy selling coffee came and disturbed their speech. Jegan was not happy with that.

Jegan asked Mona, what’s the reason she goes home. She told, “ I am going to see my parent and my little puppy dog” with a beautiful smile on her face and asked back Jegan, the reason for his visit. He replied, “ I am also going for the same reason but not to see dog”. Mona again smiled at Jegan.

Jegan was more curious to ask her mobile number. But Mona overtook him and asked his number. Jegan was very much happy that Mona has also felt the same. He asked her number and gave a missed call to Mona. But that’s the first one they “Missed”. Jegan wanted to talk more to Mona, but she told your station is nearing and get ready to home. As soon as Mona said those words, Jegan started doing it, as a student does the work assigned by his teacher. Then the station arrived, the train stopped and also Jegan’s sweet little time. Mona told “Bye Jegan, have a nice time and see you at office” with a beautiful smile again. Jegan was little worried to leave her and with no option said bye.

Jegan’s mind was telling him that he would meet Mona before he meets her in office. Train started moving slowly and Jegan’s angle also went. He went home and was thinking about the time he spoke with Mona. After 3 hours, Jegan’s mobile beeped. Yes it was Mona’s message “Rchd home safely J“. That was the first message Jegan got from Mona. Jegan smiled on seeing it and he decided not to delete it..............

Journey continues………….

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