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Chennai Egmore – Journey 18

A BIG SORRY. I hope at least few might remember the story. It’s been a months that the last journey came, a big sorry to all. And now, I am back. I am wishing you all a happy new year along with Jegan, Mona, Ganesh, and Aruna ;)

Hurray, Its Green signal from Jegan’s family. Mona and Jegan enjoying the happiest day in their lives, both didn’t sleep in the train. They were making sure every minute were counted (Ofcourse, they will). Jegan told Mona, ‘I cant wait for the day to marry u’. Mona replied, ‘Yea me too. But we ve to’. Both started to dream about their future.

It was a drowsy morning in Chennai, train slowly entering the Egmore station. Except Jegan all woke up. Aruna asked Mona to wake him up. Mona woke up Jegan. On seeing fresh Mona, his first sight on the first morning of his happiest day, he said, ‘Do my eyes deceive me?’ . Hearing this Aruna said herself ‘Oh godddd’ and asked Jegan, ‘Enough guys, plz stop this. We are seeing this from yesterday. If I continue to hear like this I better jump off the train.’ with morning smile.

Jegan, ‘ha ha.. Its love damn it.’

Train reached the station, Jegan told his friends, ‘I love this train, and it brings lot to me’. Mona too shook her as an acknowledgement. All decided to sign off from that place. Jegan took Mona with him and dropped her in hostel and went to his room.

This day Jegan was flourishing with joy and he is totally gone mad. Mona too feels the same but she knows the ball is on her court now. She put herself on some pressure but decided to enjoy the day momentarily.

Couple of days went like this, both loving each other as it were no tomorrow. Whenever Jegan mother called him she asked about Mona.

Its all went beautifully until one day when Mona’s father called her and told her the shocking news. He told, ‘My friend son is coming from US next week. He is going to stay here at least for a month. So once he arrived we will discuss about the marriage. If everything goes fine, we can fix the marriage next month’.

Mona was heartbroken and didn’t say anything to her father and hang up the phone. Immediately Mona called Jegan and told him.

Jegan said, ‘Hmmm. Great. lets meet in evening after office hours and discuss. Ok. Relax till then’.

Mona, Jegan, Ganesh and Aruna met in cafeteria. Mona was very upset and tensed. Aruna asked, ‘What happened? why she is so dull ? why u called us Jegan?’.

Jegan, ‘Jus want to show how beautiful Mona will be when she is crying and upset’.

Mona angrily looked at him and scolded, ‘Are u mad? U don’t take anything serious. And u r making fun of me. Blah blah… ‘.

Ganesh in confusion stopped Mona, ‘Hey hey Mona stop stop. What happened?. What did he do?’.

Mona told about his father call. Aruna asked, ‘Dai enna da ithu?’.

Jegan smiled and said, ‘Enna na? She is getting married in one month’.

Ganesh, ‘Hey are u kidding?. How u take this lightly.’

Jegan, ‘Hey guys cool. Mona this is simple. Now u need to call ur father and tell proudly I love Jegan and I want to marry him’.

Everyone was lip locked.

Jegan, ‘Ok. This is the time na. Any how some day they are going to know about this. Let it to be today. That’s one way or I have to ask my parents to go her home and ask for Mona. Now Am I serious?’

Jegan continued, ‘Mona u have to be very confident this time. We all behind you and My parents also with you. So don’t get afraid and just tell about us. It will work.’.

Mona asked, ‘What will happen if it didn’t work’.

Jegan, ‘Mam first tell and later part we decide afterwards. Enna mathiri oru alagana paiyana vendamna sollva poranga’.

This time only Jegan can smiles for his jokes.

Mona didn’t have enough courage to make a call. Jegan just picked the mobile from her hand and threatening her, ‘ok. Shall I call him?’

Mona, ‘No, please. I call him later.’

Jegan, ‘Why later? Speak now na. Ithukulama plan pannuva?’

Aruna, ‘Hey give her some time. We cannot speak this matter without any plan. We need to decide what to speak first’.

Jegan, ‘No. We all are here, So I thought she could be more comfortable. Ok. Decide what she has to say?’

Both the girls started discussing with one another. This went for around 30 minutes. Jegan stopped them and told, ‘Guys these things wont work. We need to give spontaneous reactions.’

Ganesh, ‘Ennada avasaram unnaku? Seeing from ur reactions I think u r the one who is nervous and afraid’

Jegan looked at Ganesh and told, ‘May beee’

After few minutes of discussion Mona decided to call his father, Jegan almost lost all nails in his hand. It is already late in the evening, so not many in cafeteria. They went to corner area where no one can hear it.

Jegan came and sat close to Mona and told her, ‘Excuse me madam, Correct ah pesituvela.. This is our best chance. Mind it. Don’t worry about the outcome. Objective is to convey the message to them only. Ok’.

Its just like a climax of an thriller movie, still silent among them, no one moved and all are in the edge of the seats.

Mona with shivering hand called his father, her heart beat can be heard miles away. As few seconds of tension, her father picked up the call and asked, ‘Mona, Ennama you called early today’.

Mona with trembling voice, ‘Ya dad. Chumma called. Want to discuss something’.

Mona father, ‘Yea tell me. Enna marriage pathiya’.

Mona, ‘Yes dad’.

Mona father was excited but he didn’t know what is in the store, ‘Oh surprise. Tell me. Are you happy to marry that guy? Shall I talk to his father now?’

Mona was afraid to tell the truth, Jegan waving his hand and signaling this is the right time. Mona continued, ‘No pa.’.

Mona father, ‘What? Why no? You don’t want the marriage now?’.

Mona, ‘No. I don’t want to marry him’.

Mona father, ‘Athaan why? He is educated, earning well, settled in US, his parents were kind enough. You will be happy if u marry him’

Mona, ‘No. Actually. I am in love pa’. Each word in the sentence had long pause. Jegan took a deep breath and waited for the reply.

Mona father with anger, ‘What? Enna solraa ?’. Mona’s mother waiting for her turn to talk to her daughter had sensed something wrong and went close to her husband.

Mona, ‘Yes pa. I love one here’.

Mona, ‘What? Who is that?’.

Mona looked at Jegan and Jegan sighed at her to tell his name.

Mona, ‘J… E… G… A… N’.

Mona father anger increased at a high speed, ‘Avanaaaaaa. Athaan naanga vantha pothu apdi pannana.. He is a cheat. How.. How come you fall into his? Are you mad? ‘.

Mona, ‘No pa. He is really a good guy. He will take care of me well and I love him very much’.

Mona father, ‘Cha I can’t believe this guy. Nallavan mathiriye nadichu epdi pannitan. Fraud. Mona listen to your father. The guy I looked for you is earning more than him, educated more than him. He will surely take care of you. More importantly I know the family for long time. They are decent family, they are also Christians’.

Jegan on hearing Cheat, Fraud and about his family comments moved away from Mona with some anger.

Mona was looking at Jegan, Aruna now sat near to her and asked her to continue and Ganesh went to cool Jegan.

Mona, ‘No dad. He is not like that. You speak to him again and his family also is very good and I know them’.

Mona father, ‘What? you know their family too?’.

Mona, ‘Yes dad. They know our love too. They agreed’.

Mona father, ‘hmmm.. So you urself decided and you don’t need ur parents ah?’.

Mona now started crying, ‘No its not like that. you will understand me more than any one. Please pa. agree’.

Meantime Ganesh was talking to Jegan and he trying to calm him.

Mona father, ‘No’ and went away dropping the phone on the table. Mona Mother immediately take the phone, ‘Ennadi achu unnaku. Yean di epdi panra.. un mela un appa evalvu nambikai vachi iruntharu theriyuma’

Mona, ‘Illama.. Neeyavathu purinchuko ma’.

Both Mona and her mother were now talking, both were crying a lot. Mona’s mother asked her to come home and both hung up the call…

Mona parents were hugely disappointed and worried and whereas Mona was crying and don’t know what to do. Aruna consoled her and stopped her crying then she called Jegan.

Jegan was coming in anger and asked Aruna, ‘What did he say?’

Aruna just shook her hand in disappointment.

Jegan’s anger increased and Mona, ‘Mona even if ur father won’t agree. Will you come with me?’

Mona looked at him and didn’t open her mouth.

Jegan looked at her ,’Monaaa’. Then in anger he kicked the place and left in anger.

On seeing this Mona started to cry again.

Both Aruna and Ganesh were calling Jegan. But he didn’t turn back on his way and went.

Journey continues…….

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