Monday, February 15, 2010

Giving LOVE is the greatest pleasure of life

Yesterday I got a SMS from one of my friend saying “Giving LOVE is the greatest pleasure of life”, suddenly I got in to an oscillation that, whether this guys is glad or bothered with LOVE. I thought of calling him, but I didn’t want to make him feel bad if it already bothered him.

Some time later I read the lines again and I felt that the words are very true. I have been with him for almost 3 years during our college life. Those days were memorable and from those days to now, we sometime debate about LOVE. During those debates he always supports LOVE and I too.

There has also been talk like “When a boy and a girl are in a good relationship, why can’t it be friendship”. He always says strongly that it can be truly friendship. But I and one another friend of mine used to say there are more chances that, they will become LOVERS soon. The reason we state is, once you have a very good relation with the other, you share lot of emotions with each other in all aspects. Those emotions will make them feel of each other. This makes them LOVE.

Then, I came to a conclusion that this guy is now tied up with emotions on his friendship. Meaning he is more emotive on someone.
I my words LOVE means Lot Of Valuable Emotions

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